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Bask in guarantee slip " bask in " give big business chance
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Afterwards " bask in " salary, " bask in " after the stock, go up in the net " bask in " guarantee slip also becomes a kind of popularity nowadays. According to investigation, "Bask in " the guarantee slip that go out is put in a lot of problem for the most part, for example, heavy investment, light safeguard. Astute insurance sale member plant from this " bask in " a lot of business chance also discovered in the phenomenon of guarantee slip, for example, use a client to make the opportunity that guarantee slip diagnoses, with respect to the credit that can win a client, help a client make proper insurance program thereby.

Guarantee slip " bask in " give 3 big questions

Wang Zhanyi of branch of Heibei of new Chinese birthday expresses, from " bask in " the guarantee slip that go out looks, among them some heavy investment, great affection, accident, add, and danger of light safeguard, birthday; The specified amount that sets guarantee slip from the collocation of the product is spent spend with expenditure etc, have many difference with the effective demand of consumer itself; Fail to be bought reasonable and scientificly get used to oneself (family) insurance product.
Cause the main reason of this kind of phenomenon: It is client policy-holder insufficient to insurance knowledge understanding, casting protect on the bias with existing definite and understanding; 2 it is a few sale member the professional knowledge with certain lack, it is good to fail to client of very good help plans and be designed cast defend plan.

To this, wang Zhanyi thinks, insurance company ought to make the best use of the circumstances, make client science is cast protect. It is to adopt a variety of forms to increase insurance knowledge to publicize strength, let the public understand more insurance knowledge, be familiar with the characteristic of product of a few insurance and function, can buy suit oneself (family) insurance product. 2 it is sale member ought to strengthen professional knowledge study ceaselessly, be familiar with and master more professional skill, can the actual condition according to different client, the help has planned to be sure to invest plan, the insurance product that makes the client is bought can get used to oneself need well. 3 be with these " bask in " of guarantee slip a group of things with common features specific cast protect a circumstance to be typical example, in produce say to be able to go up or when exhibiting property, undertake explaining convincingly, make the client is walked out of cast protect the error that go up, decrease and avoid the happening of similar case. 4 it is to build perfect the advisory network of a variety of forms, can adopt advisory hot line, enlightened advisory phone debuts in news media, on the net the setting seeks advice from the window, begin regular conduct propaganda to seek advice from a variety of forms such as the activity, convenient public seeks advice, let the public understand more casting to protect knowledge and skill. 5 it is to be able to draw lessons from a net to go up " bask in " the practice of guarantee slip, let a few clients be in his guarantee slip produce say the client such as the meeting collects much place, undertake air is basked in publicity, let professional personage undertake analytic commenting on, help the insurance program with more scientific and sound formulate.
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