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Growth of income of phone sale insurance cost still needs Leng Sai quickly to ta
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Phone sale is becoming the popular sale channel on Shanghai insurance market. Current, in Shanghai great majority endowment insurance company and company of risk of foreign capital birthday begin phone sale professional work, growth of income of phone sale insurance cost is the rapiddest. Nevertheless, insurance company still needs to explore new pattern ceaselessly, development needs the insurance product of dissimilation.

Self-supporting mode wants careful

The person is protected, country birthday, too protect, the call center that waited for a company to build his earlier in safety, undertake 2 times developing to existing client natural resources, some passes price advantage to wait strive for a client, if be produced in safety,once made the narrow pass that lose a car through sale of telephone medium of communication nearly, be welcomed by the market. And too protect use website of electronic business affairs to be opposite of phone sale undertake propping up. To self-supporting mode, the staff member of insurance company laughs say, self-made indispensable still. Nevertheless, the personage inside course of study thinks the part is medium endowment management of sale of insurance company phone compares extensive, lack a few standards.

Two years ago, danger of birthday of a few foreign capital brought new wind for phone sale. The kongfu of professional quality fluctuation of the member that increasing phone sale, before mount guard groom, phone recording and monitor etc is the basiccest assurance the measure of quality.

Couplet peaceful is cosmopolitan person life installed entrance guard system in call center, brush calorie of ability to enter only, prevent person of without fixed duties to wait enter data of spot purloin client. And each phone sale member before entering yard ground, must reach the individual article check such as mobile phone, jotter, pen formulary place, can not head individual article call center. Such doing is to keep secret better not only client data, also be to improve working quality. The staff member of ministry of sale of phone of cosmopolitan person life introduces couplet peaceful, they are nonsked can undertake smoking audition to canned phone, director of official of regulation having a nucleus, spot and character accuse to be in charge of three-layer to smoke listen, the issue that discovery needs to improve can be communicated with employee instantly, make sure employee progresses ceaselessly.

Cooperative mode longs for close

Because the bank has natural client advantage, insurance company is in when beginning phone sale, like to cooperate with the bank. The most widespread cooperation is phone sale personnel garrisons a bank, phone sale has with special railway line in the bank, next each successful insurance needs to hand in one part commission to give a bank. Also having insurance company is to groom the phone sale of bank clerk on the side member.

Deepen as what cooperate with the bank, new cooperative way is current ceaseless emerge in large numbers. Cosmopolitan person life and Pu Fayin began couplet peaceful to buy credit card to send an accident the collaboration of danger all right. Do riverside to send the client of bank credit card, return the guarantee slip that can gain a piece of accident a place difficult of access. Insurance company can call a client, affirm received accident danger guarantee slip, make farther sale, introduce other insurance product. Couplet peaceful is cosmopolitan Chen Qiao of vice president of phone sale department says, the end that such doing should serve go ahead of the rest namely, win a client first approbate, reentry be on sale makes work, make sure taller sale becomes power. Couplet peaceful is cosmopolitan of phone sale 70% finish through the bank.
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