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Can Spring Festival sale beat what?
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Arrive immediately festival of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, this paragraph of time is one of the most important period that agent makes sale. The personage inside course of study thinks generally, the Spring Festival is agent and old client promotional feeling and the good chance that accumulates new client natural resources. And, as popular feeling of insurance idea development, if the method is proper, the amount signing sheet of this one period also can soar greatly much.

Promotional feeling facilitating label is only

Center of lukewarm city of safe life danger raises company be on sale when senior director Xie Zunliu is accepting a reporter to interview, will describe the value of Spring Festival sale with a word: "Make sale of good Spring Festival, a year of work is great! " for this, the Spring Festival sale that he plans to begin him from January 20 acts.

The main purpose that thanks plan of sale of willow Spring Festival is promotional the feeling with old client, facilitating cause client signs sheet.

"I plan everyday at least pay a return visit 10 many clients, basically be to give them to pay a New Year call, send a few little gifts. The end that such doing is promotional feeling. " Xie Zunliu expresses.

On the choice of the gift, he basically chooses a few souvenirs. To client of a few entrepreneur, he can consider to give the book of business management respect.

Besides old client of pay a return visit, he signs the accurate client of only purpose and cause client to undertake the key is visited to having even, but the issue that does not raise insurance. He thinks, get the better of soundlessly right now phonic, do not carry what be helpful for signing sheet instead to facilitate. He thinks, facilitating autograph sheet is a process that perserve, although the client does not sign sheet to buy at once certainly, but the sale of the Spring Festival goes to very positive effect since the meeting.

Accumulate client natural resources

An agent represents branch of Beijing of peaceful Kang Renshou, he begins before 3 days " sale Spring Festival is special the action " . The client that because had been signed,makes an appointment with is more, cannot come true to be visited entirely, some phones are sent his respects to, some short messages are sent his respects to, some asks express company to send a portion gift, right year pay insurance cost the client of 5000 yuan of above is visited entirely.

He expresses, visit old client besides promotional besides each other feeling, he still has a main purpose, introduce a few new clients through old client namely, the success signing sheet of this kind of means leads far big Yu Mo to do obeisance to. Accordingly, he visits 6 old clients at least everyday, introduce 3 new clients to calculate to him according to every old client, he can get the information of 18 new clients everyday. Usually, the course is chosen, in these 18 clients, 6 become effective client.
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