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To impossible challenge
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In October 1985, the Li Yan wild goose of 4 grade has the university went up glaucoma, lose the sight and rehabilitation all up. 1989, li Yan wild goose gets an information: School of the blind in American sea heart will be in China school of cent of open blind school, teach by correspondence freely English. Below the elder brother's help, li Yan wild goose grasped the pattern of Chinese and symbol of braille of one class English eventually.

1993, li Yan wild goose reads a news on magazine of a braille: The blind person that Japan has an orgnaization to fund other country goes Japanese study is massaged, acupuncture, point to pressure. Of the same age in October, through comprehensive and strict exam, li Yan wild goose is admitted.

The course learns assiduously, he obtained license of Japan home practise medicine, become the first to obtain sum stipend to learn the foreign blind student studying abroad of naturopathy in Japan. Feel regretful without wild goose of degree plum wild goose, he decides to continue to take advanced courses to the United States. Around experiences an exam 4 times, 3 years go all out in work, li Yan wild goose scores a success eventually. Received the admission notice of university of bonesetting of California handkerchief silent in July 2002, began the study of doctoral course. With solid strength, li Yan wild goose obtained university of bonesetting of American handkerchief silent with the achievement of complete A vertebral nerve is correctional and professional doctor's degree. On the commencement, full-court personage stands up and applause for long, they come from blind doctor graduate of China exclusively to this to express the admire of from the bottom of one's heart.

After taking degree, li Yan wild goose look about clinic and hospital jackaroo, but see he is a blind, hospital clinic gives refuse. He decides he opens a clinic, when the patient sees he is a blind, very questioningly, but the accurate judgement that he makes lets a patient admire indeed. Inside oneself clinic, he can admit 35 patients everyday, every 10 minutes of collection make an appointment with every patient the charge of diagnosis and treatment of 1000 yuan of RMBs.

Go to the United States from Japan going abroad in an instant already 10 old, let Li Yan wild goose be made again to the longing of home town and family member abandon foreign advantageous condition, resolutely the decision that go back to the motherland. In speak of homecoming when the following plan, li Yan wild goose tells friends, prepare a clinic on one hand, continue to develop oneself special skill; On the other hand, he has gotten in touch with Chinese incomplete couplet, the plan provides a service to more disableds, contribute oneself force. More important is, li Yan wild goose tells family and friends to say: "There is impossible task on this world. "There is impossible task on this world..

  Answer to a riddle:

Scared, pendulous with suspicion the oldest enemy that is happiness and success. because such, the friends that the mankind sells a profession especially also are in all the time to it make a stand against is worn. Actually, the distinction of hero and craven compares craven in Yu Yingxiong merely much " a few minutes " stopped bravely. Everyman faces hardship and challenge, meeting detour goes away, avoid him heart to give birth to scared feeling, and brave criterion to impossible challenge, go meeting inner fear head-on, then, they created a miracle.
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