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Cast protect 30 thousand to you can compensate for 2000 yuan?
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Reader Mr Wu: Last year, I am sure in health of lucky blessing heart Inc. is cast protect 30 thousand yuan. This year as a result of cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral aneurism be in hospital, I pay medical treatment to expend 150 thousand yuan. After leaving hospital I and insurance company bargaining, but the other side takes out provision of detailed rules of complement of a contract however, say me this disease can compensate for 2000 yuan only according to this detailed rules.

Company of lucky blessing heart: Personnel of compensate of company put in order had investigated the patient's condition of Mr Wu, decide according to the contract at that time its illness is in low protect range inside, because make 2000 yuan insurance compensation this at that time. But the circumstance because of Mr Wu, our company still is making further investigation. If what Mr Wu has,ask additionally, can refer company headquarters with the form of certify to.

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