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"Firewood fulfil door " : Chinese safe make a feint to somewhere and attack in a
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At present, what be at ease the hardest is CPI, size in shareholder heart blame lift a ban, again the difficult problem such as financing. Go further make microcosmic observation, shareholder the quarrelling sound is the biggest now is China restful financing of 160 billion a huge sum, because should plan to be in last month of this enterprise " shareholder plenary meeting " after adopting plan, will send card inspect joint hearing the nucleus recently. Right now, after China's restful annals is announced, be in charge of the 4000 firewood to 60 million yuan high to propose a toast if becoming shareholder and public heat to discuss, be inscribed in safety, become further doubt China restful " incident " .
Restful at least made 3 " butterfly "

"Do you think to appear on the market company again is financing the main reason that near future stock market drops greatly? " this is an investigation that xinhua net launchs, tens of thousands of person is participated in " voting " , the person that findings has 72.75% chose " be " , the person that has 25.37% chose " it is one of reasons " , the person that has 1.88 merely chose " either " . And go up in the net a lot of forum, stick on, weighing China is the there are plenty of such people that causes the culprit that the stock market drops madly in safety.

"This is typical butterfly effect. " the view that Shenzhen shareholder Zhu Jiang talked about him to the reporter, pessimistic anticipation makes China restful share price issues defeat ceaselessly, a few weight that are a delegate by it cause finance collective drops. He says: "Look in me, china made 3 butterfly to the stock market in safety this year. Plan of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two big financing obtains high bank note to pass on shareholder plenary meeting is the first butterfly that he makes, this butterfly still is flying to now, and fly to H even, too protect decrease hold you to you can say to have nothing to do with this? Company of the gold in March 21 comes on stage " space of profit of business of risk of Chinese safe life is squashed " report, I look is the 2nd butterfly. This, china's restful shareholder fade do not say, field of whole A stock market is immersed in appraise accordingly value confusing bureau, everybody nots worth in the stock value in examining my hand now this price. Good, scold whackedly to financing proposal when everybody during the high level does not see response, came the incident of door of 60 million yuan of high pay of a Ma Mingzhe, the focus changes administrative layer body for a short while. Farther aggravate shareholder checks high pay door again the resentment that financing causes stock market panic, this orgnaization also complicity, in quick succession calls many certificate trade accordingly decline, is this a butterfly what be? Is this a butterfly what be??

A small error caused tremendous consequence as ceaseless elapse, be just like Asian butterfly to pat take wing, will make America appears to return fierce tornado than fierce wind after a few months. American Luo Lunci discovers this one " butterfly effect " theory also is used to the stock market time and again now. "You can regard my view as blind analogy, ah! " Zhu Jiang says banteringly to the reporter, "My would rather regards it as incident of China's restful firewood fulfil door, include the consequence of its other issue, I see it some badlier, such facilitating that the person that makes investment can know advance and retreat, lest in the end is defeated by Debumingbubai. Lest in the end is defeated by Debumingbubai..
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