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Win in " Jin Jiuyin 10 "
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Jin Jiuyin 10

It is the catchword of pioneer of Chinese car line of business, means says in September with October is the period that the car in a year had better sell. Later, "Jin Jiuyin 10 " the gold month that is regarded to be to be sold every year by a lot of businessmen, because go up to was mixed September in time October portion is dry,crisp air of autumn, draw near especially two, domestic spending increases apparently. Insurance serves as a kind of special commodity, the concern that although follow season,changes is not big, but if sale member arouse working passion adequately, often be to be able to be in " Jin Jiuyin 10 " obtain beautiful accomplishment.



"Jin Jiuyin 10 "

Sale good chance nots allow to miss

Very short time arrives again Jin Jiuyin 10, in businessman eye, this is to finish end of the year of sales volume target important close. Insurance company is not exceptional also, a lot of insurance company were October a year to sell the deadline that the task finishs surely, roll out a lot of new products and sales promotion method in these two the middle of a month at the same time; Sale member also can be in riveting of these two months became sufficient strong, develop outstanding achievement upgrade.

According to reporter understanding, this year 9, in the insurance market October, the most popular danger is planted want number to cast even danger and universal a place difficult of access. Because China protects inspect to be able to be released formally this year in April,carried out " investment connects insurance essence calculates a regulation " and " universal insurance essence calculates a regulation " , the casting that asks to new regulation is not accorded with after October 1 does not get even danger and product of universal a place difficult of access the sale. Much money develops according to new rule design cast even danger, universal a place difficult of access also emerge as the times require, these products also have respective characteristic.

Insurance company hit much home to send the card of sell like hot cakes that connects danger and universal a place difficult of access. For example, favorite person life rolls out cast Lian Xianxin to taste " Zhi Zunli money " safeguard comes 80 one full year of life, offer include 20 kinds of major diseases, die and accident die inside ternary safeguard, 50 years old before to pay the account of 100% value, highest protect the forehead to amount to 200 thousand yuan. The new fund that life of China peaceful person appeared on the market a few days ago is cast even danger " Ji Nianfeng " the biggest characteristic is OK trade everyday buying and selling, still add send a client more comprehensive insurance safeguard, cast the client that protects insurance cost to amount to 200 thousand yuan of above to will obtain an accident freely to harm medical treatment to ensure. The new product of universal a place difficult of access that life of Chinese restful person appeared on the market in the whole nation on October 1 " Zhi Ying life " , starting point of the additional insurance cost that weigh disease is dropped on the foundation of product of former universal a place difficult of access, used revolutionarily " balance " safeguard cost, the client is after 82 years old, guarantee cost will according to the horizontal collection when 82 years old, no longer year after year increases by degrees.
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