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Insurance sale brand is king
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Sale member people but
Insurance sale member social class is not high had been the fact that does not dispute at present, sale associate has encountered almost when exhibiting property by the person misunderstanding, thing that distaining is affront even, the regular meeting when them is very bemused -- why I gave so much effort, they still do not understand. In fact, in western insurance at present already special the country that develop, they ever also had taken a paragraph of when insurance develops gloomy time.
"Without social class, we are done very tiredly. " on salon that holds in club of elite of brand of insurance of China of not long ago, wu Xuejun of senior marketing manager represents restful Beijing branch, "Consider individual outstanding achievement, I am done well, obtain an individual a few years to sell champion continuously. But of gutty and alone rover experience, because be sale champion,so in the company everybody approbates me, no matter the ability from the individual, still be bearing. But go out to be no good, in people look, you sell safe clerk namely. You sell safe clerk namely..

GastonCharton of the president before gold fills person life expresses, "Actually, insurance just began to be in Europe the position is not high also, consumer sees those who sell insurance say, oh, cheater came, think to sell insurance to deceive people namely. French dweller idea changed today, bought person is much, insurance company position is high also. Insurance company also paid close attention to his brand to build. The income of insurance agent is the 10 times above of other industry, such everybody realize this industry has perspective. Such everybody realize this industry has perspective..

China implements procuratorial system since 1992, although birthday danger is obtained tremendous progress cannot leave this kind of system, but this kind of system also brought a few negative things to insurance industry. "To agency system, I have very deep feeling. If do not enrol a person, he do business is no problem of course, but meet year of loss 100 thousand yuan income. Because provoke 10 people of a new type, the outstanding achievement that does not say them first how, the pay of myself is OK at least increases 100 thousand yuan. If be done not have below me,the person cannot enjoy this treatment. But if go to enjoy this treatment,enrol a person, so whether am I still next year insurance is not particular. Pass so old practice so, to be in this industry is done long, I choose myself to do, do not earn this administration fee. Do not earn this administration fee..

Be aimed at the inferior position with procuratorial small social class, xie Qingshun of insurance brand expert appeals all the time delegate of National People's Congress and committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference should be selected inside insurance agent. Speak of strive for social class for agent, xie Qingshun appears excited all the more, "Our insurance 200 much agent actually delegate of neither one National People's Congress! Social class is the issue that cannot ignore quite. Also improving now nevertheless, have recently report, wen Zhou has an agent to be elected as committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, opened a good head. But still represent without occurrence National People's Congress. This needs entire industry to improve industry quality hard, improve industry position. Improve industry position..
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