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Car danger case: How can you have such insurance regulation?
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A netizen seeks advice: Chapter Qu rash Ling of the drag that carry  sends 3 dainty waiting for oxime this blame word phlogistic Ji ah ⒂ appearance ⒂ fluid midge falls seek O swell Du four of confused of a few  makes fun of  Ji O to exhibit Gaiyi of  neck ò C of a huge legendary turtle of crisp っ of  of grieve of character Xuan Mo, the person of insurance company says 3 places want to divide a law case processing unexpectedly, should divide second long. Does insurance company have beguiling action? The lawyer replies:

Sincere letter is short of the society now break, insurance company suspects the client makes a holiday, the client fears insurance company flicker, do each other distrust.

In this case, it is an operation behavior that is based on a driver, back a car in cut loiter appeared in the process, caused much point loss, accordingly this should understand be is one because of much fruit, accident, many losses, should be case of compensate of an insurance manage, because be a loss,cannot 3 place calculate 3 cases. Otherwise, traffic accident may be brought about a few, attaint of spare parts of about a hundred car, is this a few, about a hundred case?

Insurance company can offer the opinion of 3 cases, basically feel to back a car create automobile body the cut loiter of each respects does not accord with logic and common sense, suspect client existence creates false suspicion. This kind of suspicion, make of course the accurate in client heart. Still may have a few adverse consequence additionally, car advocate be necessary to give understanding.

On one hand, accident of traffic of the insurance inside a year happens more, below one year the likelihood can increase insurance premium. Additional, some insurance company set in insurance contract provision, compensate case exceeds fixed number, may increase franchise, franchise, perhaps lower favourable requirement. Such, car advocate can increase a loss for nothing.

Compensate record number brings about insurance company possibly still to remove ahead of schedule too much contract. Our country " insurance law " the 43rd regulation: Cover of calamity of tip of silk of H of Dong of  of grave of Zhang of  of  of Jian of ズ of Xie of wait of bastinado of O of Yi of  of model of У of fish hawk of branny broil of  of ⑸ of Mu of an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise of ammoniac O felt buys virtuous  to conceive cover of bad cover of ú of class of  virtuous  to buy O of  of Guo of Yun of virtuous  bursa bastinado! The  that compare Quan melt condition archives  of  of Bo of Jing abdomen  is beaten from make a noise Fei of Shan of border of collect of Mian Fu brightness barium is repeatedlied to return Gui   to beat by emperor of ancient name for a kind of scorpion from make a noise fat of ɑ of Mu Huang of Φ of Qiong Lu  is pulled corrupt cherry   is beaten from noisy grow permanent teeth touch
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