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The member that do not know insurance Wu already resigned receipt for a loan che
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Ms. Zhou is in Wuhan an insurance company bought 4 insurance, go two years, the insurance clerk Yu Chun that is this company all the time will control insurance cost, in November 2006, she is one-time give Yu Chun 15 thousand yuan, entrust insurance cost of his generation pay, who knows Yu Chun unexpectedly " the world evaporates " .

Yesterday, all sorts of insurance that Ms. Zhou showed two years to come to the reporter collect fees odd. She says, 4 kinds of insurance that she buys are cost of annual sex pay, annual add up to wants capture forteen thousand one hundred yuan. Come two years, it is Yu Chun will receive insurance premium, she is very trustful to Yuchun. November 2006, what she buys " Zhi Furen is unripe " arrived capture is expended period, yu Chun looks for her to urge a fund, see him run to run every time very painstaking, ms. Zhou is one-time the check that opened 15 thousand yuan to him, let his generation capture in those days all insurance cost. Strange is, yu Chun wrote a piece of receipt for a loan to her only at that time, she also does not have get to the bottom of of have the nerve. Did not think of at the beginning of December, she receives insurance company the phone urging a fund of another clerk, this ability knows Yu Chun and do not have acting capture. Hit his phone to be not received, go abode looks for him to be informed already removed.

The reporter contacted this insurance company yesterday, company leader takes seriously very, undertook communication with the reporter instantly. Customer service ministry history the director says, yu Chun is in early had resigned on August 31, 2006, accordingly Yu Chun and week lady can be private and leasehold relation only, and what what Yu Chun opens at that time also is a piece of receipt for a loan, be not company receipt. He expresses, the company can be helped as far as possible search Yu Chun, also warn a client at the same time, capture take time must notice to check accredit book of the clerk, employee's card.

After the explanation that is informed a company, ms. Zhou regrets incessantly: "Too credulous acquaintance! " she already prepared to report a case to the security authorities to police.

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