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Make an accident one year 64 cases cheat protect steam to repair mill boss to ob
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Steam repairs mill boss to make 64 accidents cheat protect the 100 thousand sb's past that be uncovered by employee to sentence 7 years

Steam repairs mill boss to incite employee to will send repaired car to leave go out to produce traffic accident, actually he is to want to enlarge a car to apply for insurance claim for compensation with this means, load him pocket. And what uncover his sb's past finally is an employee that he recruits. Classics investigation, only a year, ill will of Fu Mou of the accused person makes traffic accident amount to many 60, diddle insurance gold 100 thousand beyond. Court of district of the Milky way sentenced his set term of imprisonment 7 years with crime of fraud a few days ago.

Employee reports a case to the security authorities uncover boss sb's past

On Feburary 8, 2006, have inform against city of Guangzhou of person and along with of guild of Guangzhou city insurance many insurance company reports a case to the security authorities to public security mechanism, inform against garage of Dong Mou of Tang of area of Guangzhou the Milky way to produce traffic accident intentionally, file the case of insurance claim for compensation with this. Police is found out, since January 2005, fu Mou of this garage boss incites its employee driver to deliver repaired car leave to the outside the client for many times accident of baleful production traffic, diddle much home insurance cost of high specified number of danger of caustic of insurance company car, every 500 yuan of ~ differ 9000 yuan, on Feburary 9, 2006, police is suspected of bilk put on record investigating to Fu Mou lawfully. Informing against a person is not others, repair the employee Zhong Mou of the factory namely.

Let employee change old component to produce traffic accident

Occupy Zhong Mou to explain, fu Mou is incited he and other a few fellow workers adopt the way that makes traffic accident intentionally to insurance company claim for compensation. Particular way is: The client sends repaired car to give need Fu Mou or Nie Mou, fu Mou opens the sheet that build a car, lest expend,build a car for you for claim for compensation, prevail on client keeps insurance policy and identity data, next Fu Mou lets a worker have need bumping the component of place to tear open debus to be changed abandon old, arrived in the evening, fu Mou gives the worker such as Zhong Mou car key, inform the place that should hit a car, kind that hits a car and the area produces traffic accident to which, the worker drives the demand that the boss presses after going out produces traffic accident intentionally, wait for a policeman to open trouble removal advice note to the spot, next reopen is worn the car that enlarges attaint goes each insurance company decides caustic, make the car again answer Fu Mou. Fu Mou lets a worker reinstall the part that dismantles debus to come so go back, had not disassembled of attaint, let a worker had been repaired. Insurance company basis decides the amount of caustic, pay compensate inside the bank account that infiltrates Fu Mou has been opened beforehand, debt is extracted by Fu Mou's husband and wife. Additional, fu Mou's husband and wife also can drive personally go out to hit a car intentionally.
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