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To reduce the risk in lawyer job, shanghai bar association ever cast 6 years for office of whole city attorney period hold job is secure, be in this " lawyer hold interconnected system of industry liability insurance protects insurance contract " in, city law assist agreement of branch of Shanghai of Inc. of insurance of as restful as the China of accept insurance property: When Shanghai lawyer pursues business with lawyer identity in home, because error behavior causes client to suffer pecuniary loss, assume liability to pay compensation finally by insurance company. This insurance contract caused Shanghai on first cases " lawyer hold property insurance proposal " . Recently, this city is static the court that bring a district made first instance adjudicate to this case, accuser Shanghai office of contest estate attorney wins the lawsuit, insurance company is sentenced compensate pays a RMB 175940 yuan.

The matter should speak of from a case of lawyer neglect one's duty, shanghai rainbow tall jockeys the work of litigation of representative of Zhu Lv division that limited company ever retained office of contest estate attorney, both sides signs " retain lawyer contract " on, the lid has the seal of office of contest estate attorney. However, this Zhu Lv division is being accepted after commission, not was however inside litigant effectiveness for a given period of time sue, make rainbow tall stopped car company to suffer the loss of 175 thousand yuan of RMB. In view of the gross error of Zhu Lv division, after rainbow tall stops car company to sue, this city court adjudicates office of attorney of estate of the accused contest and Zhu Lv division to be compensated for jointly

Rainbow tall stops car company RMB 175 thousand yuan.

According to the court decision, office of contest estate attorney made compensate pay. For the money that recapture compensate goes out, according to afore-mentioned insurance contracts requirement insurance company manages this compensate. Insurance company thinks: Insurance contract agrees, the lawyer violates compasses privately to accept business to cause client pecuniary loss, do not manage in insurance compensate limits. Office of contest estate attorney ever censured place of Wu of act of pilfer of Zhu Lv division treaty wording, privately carried on the litigant work that rainbow tall stops car company, accordingly, insurance company does not assume liability to pay compensation to this case.

For this, xiangjing of office of attorney of Shanghai contest estate brings district court to lodge a complaint, should be thought: Court of? of steel of word of б of fish hawk of alliance of  of 3 hold tight pouring  maintains high and steep of know Sun funny Zhen clearly already, zhu Lv division accepts litigant precatory deed is functionary action, behavior of privately of and rather than, its stop the pecuniary loss that car company causes to rainbow tall, answer to be compensated for by attorney office. Accordingly, insurance company rejects the reason of manage compensate to cannot hold water.
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