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620 thousand a huge sum is sure to send an elder brother is the dead trap that t
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Sichuan is online - the accident insurance of person of a huge sum that little sister of message of morning paper of weather government office gave money to buy 620 thousand yuan to the elder brother. How cannot the elder brother also think of, it is this insurance draws on a fatal disaster for oneself, and what murder oneself with one's own hands is his most trustful little sister unexpectedly! Yesterday (12) day, chengdu quadrangle is right first instance of insurance bilk, intended murder sentences the person of 4 the accused such as Liao Xiaolin.

Dead trap · the 1st pace

Buy insurance of a huge sum

Liao Xiaolin ever was the clerk of insurance company, she has an elder brother, be called Liao Zhiwei.

Came last year in March during April, male friendly Ren Yahong of Liao Xiaolin is abrupt to Liao Zhiwei elder brother of this big mother's brother appears all the more " enthusiastic " rise. Little brother and cummer are contributive 1500 yuan, in Chinese birthday birthday of insurance Inc. , new Chinese is sure branch of Chengdu of insurance company of property of combination of Inc. , China, the people's livelihood is life-insurance Inc. , bought 30 person accident insurance respectively for Liao Zhiwei, insurance compensate pays amount to add up to 620 thousand yuan. Insurance beneficiary beneficiary is Liao Xiaolin's mother.

However how didn't Liao Zhiwei also think of, he is in imperceptible in in the dead trap that walks into little sister and male friend to be his cloth meticulously to fall step by step.

Dead trap · the 2nd pace

Murder failure first

Casting for Liao Zhiwei a few days are done not have after protecting, ren Yahong begins ground of without a stop to seek a person everywhere, preparation implements plan of homicide of the 2nd pace. Finally, allowed to find soldier of week of person of another the accused, call its to produce factitious traffic accident one case, bump into Liao Zhiwei dead, zhou Bing gives after affirmatory thing is become 80 thousand yuan " recompense " .

3 people chime in easily, after classics of arms of Liao Xiaolin, Ren Yahong, week discusses for many times, decide, by allow contributive, week arms hire car of a Sang Dana, head for commit the crime the place is examined repeatedly.

Late on May 15 last year, according to beforehand plan, ren Yahong cheated Liao Zhiwei of elder brother of big mother's brother first commit the crime the place awaits. But in executive process, because of all sorts of reasons, the plan fails to prevail. First time homicide plans to fail.

Dead trap · the 3rd pace

Wheel of funeral of elder brother life

On May 18, liao Xiaolin, Ren Yahong begins to carry out the 2nd their homicide to plan again. They called bark of person of another the accused Xuan Jiang again, the task of bark is in namely commit the crime the car that the place shifts Liao Zhiwei Xiang Zhoubing high speed to drive, 10 thousand yuan pay after promise thing is become " recompense " .
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