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Car danger insurance cost after all by who " black "
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The car danger insurance cost that oneself purchase, do not know to be retreated by who however, do 13 days of classics anounce so absurd incident originally " " the insurance that who cancelled me? " " after reporting for the problem, cause intense echo socially. Yesterday, province insurance supervisory bureau instructs branch of Hubei of danger of Pacific Ocean money to undertake to this matter gravity investigates processing, "To the society one is explained " .

Wei Lixin of director of some computer company thinks, itself of this one incident is investigated not hard, want insurance company to look up only retreat maintain procedures, who is looking prove and sign what issue, the truth makes clear not hard; The problem is, insurance superintends a branch whether take thorough investigation with responsible manner, and cannot count on him insurance company to check his.

Professional personage of company of some money risk introduces, "Retreat protect fan case " in opening car risk business " feline be bored with " , the profit that sells a car now still is inferior to selling car a place difficult of access, the key is superintended with respect to what depend on pair of car danger have flaw, clerk and insurance representative orgnaization take advantage. Of course, insurance company should bear main administrative responsibility. The hope is sure to superintend branch and news intermediary physical ability to regard a model as this matter, strengthen pair of car danger and other insurance business supervise, make insurance company improve management and service.

" elder brother " call our newspaper to say, "Add equipment risk newly " it is the newer risk in car danger kind, manage compensate incident may be not much. The oddity that Huang Bin encounters also is meddlesome, conduce to other send the person that keep or want to send the person that keep how long a heart. Just think, if Huang Bin's car did not have an accident, 600 yuan of his insurance cost after all by who " black " drop, likelihood forever unmanned and witting.

How are insurance superintendency department and branch of Hubei of danger of Pacific Ocean money investigated after all " retreat protect fan case " , our newspaper will continue to give trace a story.

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