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The insurance company after car business did not do insurance to approve cause t
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Recently, careful of court of people of city of Jiangsu province new short for the Yihe River writtens guarantee one case desk of issue of traffic accident damages, because did not deal with insurance to approve pass on add, flourishing of the accused week drives the tractor is in produce traffic postaccident, insurance company rejecting claims and win forensic support, the loss is assumed by him Zhou Wang.

April 2006, zhou Wang the price with 50 thousand yuan buys to be out of shape from inside pressing down Liu Zhan to fight a hand originally tractor, this car registers a car advocate the battle that it is Liu. In Feburary 2006, liu battle installs center of insurance Inc. Xuzhou to raise a company to be cast for this car in the day guaranteed a place difficult of access of responsibility of 50 thousand yuan of a third party, from Feburary 15, 2006 zero hour rises between insurance period to on Feburary 14, 2007 24 when stop. Car transfer ownership was not dealt with to register formalities after Zhou Wang buys this car, also did not inform the day brings insurance company.

On August 23, 2006 6 when make, zhou Wang drives should be out of shape tractor edge revive 323 provinces by on the west eastwards exercise comes when tune of left-hand rotation of 112KM 400M a sector of an area with with to the car barge against that covers with gold leaf the brick drives, send a car to drive the person covers with gold leaf brick and Wang Tonglei of the person that take a car die. Branch of policeman of public security of classics of this accident responsibility is maintained, zhou Wang assumes main responsibility, the dead covers with gold leaf the brick assumes less important responsibility, the dead's king does not assume responsibility with Lei. Compensate for problem Wang Tonglei's parents to forensic to lodge a complaint, the loss that king of compensation of battle of demand week flourishing, Liu and company of day security risk is the same as Lei death to cause 263 thousand yuan.

In cognizance, company of day security risk buys a tractor to inform insurance company not in time with Zhou Wang and did not deal with insurance to turn to approve procedure and reject to compensate for.

After the court is tried, think, basis " insurance law " thirtieth sets 4 times: "Of insurance mark make over ought to inform an underwriter, classics underwriter agrees to continue after accept insurance, change a contract lawfully. " at the same time, when Liu battle is dealing with insurance, the agreement makes clear with insurance company on insurance policy: "Be sure car resell, make over, utility of donative, change, should written announcement underwriter deals with batch of pass on add. " and after Zhou Wang buys this tractor from inside Liu battle hand, did not deal with car transfer ownership to register formalities already, the agreement that also did not press insurance contract is written company of risk of announcement day security deals with batch of pass on add, because this day is installed,insurance company should not assume liability to pay compensation. The registering car that Liu battle regards an accident as car advocate, gave Zhou Wang this car resell in April 2006, the dominator that car is not already when accident happening and the person that control, also not be the gainer of car moving increase, consequently Liu fights to also should not assume liability to pay compensation in this case. The loss that after reason dies to Wang Tonglei, causes should press responsibility to compensate for by Zhou Wang. The court adjudicates Zhou Wang compensates for Wang Tonglei's parents then each loss 118 thousand yuan, reject Wang Tonglei's parents to request to the lawsuit of company of risk of security of Liu battle, day.
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