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Compensate pays compensate of insurance of center of trade of world of 2 billion
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Governor of state of American new York plan announces Eliot Sipi 23 days, 7 insurance company such as Swiss reinsurance already were the same as trade centre of world of intent new York bear the person that hire helps real estate of Li Xierfusitan and world trade center possessory new York and Xin Zexi. Such, by 2001 " 9 · 11 " the compensate of insurance of world trade center that horrible assault incident brings about pays dispute to already was solved entirely.

Xierfusitan is in " 9 · 11 " before incident bear hired world trade center, lease 99 years, bought indemnity to be the insurance of 3.5 billion dollar for its. After tower of Gemini of alive trade center collapses, insurance company of requirement of Xi Erfu Si Tan times doubler compensate pays, reason is to share two planes that are hijacked to bump to the building, because this is assault two. But insurance company thinks this is assault, reject pair of times compensate to pay consequently.

This year March, governor of new York state this leather plan and chief of department of insurance of government of new York state appear personally mediatory, dispute both sides comes to an agreement finally through the negotiation of two months, by 7 insurance company such as Swiss reinsurance collective compensate pays 2 billion dollar. According to the report, an agreement that according to Xierfusitan and new York and Xin Zexi port office reached last year, the about 56 % of this reparations put in Xierfusitan 's charge, the others puts in new York and Xin Zexi port office 's charge.

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