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Underwriter of issue of import use risk is hit win the battle that chase after c
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Lack of midway of 198 tons of soja

On January 6, 2006, the person protects money danger to pay even the cloud the company (company of abbreviation person Bao Lianyun) accept insurance in grain industry of oil of grain of Ai De alliance (lustre of carry on one's shoulder) limited company (the grain in abbreviation carries on his shoulder or back lustre company) Argentine soja 19411 tons, tool of acceptance of consignment is " SPARTIA " annulus.

Of the same age on Feburary 14, this boat reachs harbor of sunshine of the first port of discharging, bureau of sunshine country check is right this rotate the first water gauge examines, amount of full boat soja is not short, according to the convention, the first port of discharging answer only much discharge, and not should little discharge; The 2nd port of discharging is put in short volume risk.

On Feburary 16, in grain He lustre the company tells company of person Bao Lianyun however, their soja received 198 tons less when sunshine harbor discharging, the person keeps the food in asking even cloud company instantly company of lustre of carry on one's shoulder applies for to be in to the ship amount of bill of lading of sufficient soja of sunshine harbor discharge, if be no good,the ship need is offerred assure case, apply for to buckle a boat otherwise. But the ship did not grant pay attention to, leave for the 2nd port of discharging directly -- Home Zhang harbor, consignor is in grain of food group the East China Sea is oily (Zhang Jia harbor) company. Before the person protects the company that connect the cloud to send a person again, be coordinated toward Home Zhang harbor and obtain evidence. Because bureau of check of country of Home Zhang harbor does not deserve to close, take company of check of Home Zhang Hongkong's trader to offer only finally judge heavy certification, count than bill of lading only much 18.002 tons. On March 10, grain carries on his shoulder or back in lustre the company protects Lian Yun company formally to raise claim for compensation to the person 432612.26 yuan application.

After the person protects the company that connect the cloud to receive claim for compensation to apply for, report to ranking company instantly, undertake advisory to senior and maritime lawyer, lawyer opinion is Ying Yuxian compensate, chase after countervail after that. According to clauses, this company decides to give compensation, as a result of loss late 10.2 % . Be more than opposite franchise 3 % . , this company is accordingly one-time compensate for 432612.26 yuan.

On July 2, 2006, this company entrusts representative of substation of Shanghai of office of Guan Tao's attorney formally to chase after countervail.

The underwriter investigates ship-owner duty

Classics understanding, "SPAETIA " annulus soja of altogether shipping Argentina 66087 tons, among them the 2nd, 6 cabin install 19411 tons, consignee is in oily industry of food of alliance of grain moxa ground (lustre of carry on one's shoulder) limited company; The first, 3, 4, 5, 7 cabin install soja 46676 tons, consignee is in grain of grain the East China Sea is oily (Zhang Jia harbor) company, examine from the water gauge of loading harbor will see total amount is very sufficient, after reaching sunshine harbor, the first water gauge examines total amount also not short weight, why is that sunshine harbor little discharge 198 tons?
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