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The car is cheated do not call the police forge an accident to cheat insurance
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Sun Jun opened a car to serve a company in large port area. April 2005, be like bright hire the car of mulberry of a general that Sun Gong manages, sell other its however. Sun Jun sees Xiao Liang do not come back, realize oneself are cheated.

But grandson did not call the police to make crooked decision however -- this car bought pilfer rush to deal with an emergency, should forge larcenous spot to be able to keep watch only on head of insurance company of danger impute to -- the Sun Jun after 3 months took gold of 30 thousand Yu Yuanbao danger. Xiao Liang cheats car record to send after, by the court with try sb of contract crime of fraud. And the fact that Sun Jun forges gold of insurance of insurance accident, diddle also is exposed come out.

Undertake the inquisitor of this case says, sun Jun chooses to report a case to the security authorities at the beginning, so he will be the injured party. The case is accused after defeating, he will get a car likely. But, he however think oneself clever, forge a car by pilfer spot and fact, diddle keeps danger gold, after coming to the light, sun Jun's car became him to cheat the guilty tools that protect to be confiscated by police, he himself already also offended criminal law.

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