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The car is protected expire add does insurance bureau purpose is confused to che
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The two handcart that buy gave an accident, the car before thinking of advocate bought car is protected already expired, lv Mou's accident does not have method to deal with insurance. After add did insurance, before the car leaves, Lv Mou will produce the place of the accident, bureau purpose is confused to cheat below cloth protect.

Eve late night 11 when 39 minutes, squadron of Dong Fu of policeman of sea dark blue receives instruction of duty room of a large body of to say, driver Lv Mou drives the car is near Dong Fu dash against greenbelt. Receive alarm hind, squadron of inspire confidence in sb is on duty east the policeman hurries to the spot quickly. According to party Lv Mou states: In the evening 8 when make, he drives this car is gone to from Long Hai Xiamen direction travel, to avoid another appearance the car to travel, make steering wheel urgently, bring about car to rush on the right side of greenbelt forms car to turn around 180 degrees trouble spot configuration. Produce postaccident, lv Mou is contacted quickly with insurance company, requirement reconnaissance, but insurance company is in that evening much at 11 o'clock when just reply to Lv Mou, requirement Lv some go ahead of the rest calls the police.

After the statement that hears party, be on duty to the policeman examines the site instantly and discover a few doubtful point: For instance, car develops the position of the wheel moulage of greenbelt and car to not agree with; Greenbelt driveway serrate edge and car scraping part have apparent old mark to wait a moment. The policeman is examining minutely to be informed when Lv Mou's journey further, that evening much at 8 o'clock when, drive person Lv Mou from Lin Hougao fast highway exit comes out to be about to go to the travel inside Xiamen island. When the policeman asks Lv Mou shows ticket of high speed pass by, lv Mou says that he cannot submit an expense account refuse already. Right now, the spot already had music in policeman heart, put forward to examine pass by kinescope to center of high speed monitoring, point out in Lv some drives the line that car passes has 3 to photograph at least round-the-clock like the head film, below powerful psychological offensive, lv Mou must tell a fact candidly.

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