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Without duty car advocate gold of pay for sb and expect to be repaid later insur
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Car advocate Mr Zhao drives when going to a section of a highway of abundant stage Ou Mou, will enter 4 ring on foot carelessly advocate the Ma Mou run down of the road, ma Mou gets flesh wound, the car of Mr Zhao also damages somewhat. Maintain via the policeman spot that arrives subsequently, ma Mou should assume the full responsibility of the accident, but the medical treatment charge that Mr Zhao should be in charge of compensating for Ma Mou. Via talking things over, mr Zhao paid 1500 yuan of reparations to Ma Mou, hind Mr Zhao sufferred refuse however when the gold filling up compensate to insurance company him seek redress.

Insurance company thinks, mr Zhao is not had in the accident duty, 1500 yuan behavior belongs to its pay for sb and expect to be repaid later Mr Zhao is freewill, reason should not pay this pen money by insurance company. Mr Zhao thinks he was cast to insurance company protect, insurance company should assume liability to pay compensation inside its extent of liability, 1500 yuan of behoove of pay for sb and expect to be repaid later of its go ahead of the rest return reason. Then, mr Zhao with this insurance company so undeserved that appeal to its for benefit to the court.

The court thinks via cognizance, the car in this case advocate although Mr Zhao attributes a mishap without duty square, but our country " law of road transportation safety " regulation: Because pedestrian deregulation is entered,ban bring about all right get hurt or deadly wait for a circumstance, car advocate can reduce liability, but the lowermost scale that should set according to the country, forehead is spent assume liability to pay compensation, him pedestrian assumes main responsibility. The contract that Mr Zhao and insurance company sign is true and active, and the liability limit that the amount that Mr Zhao asks insurance company is compensated for did not exceed car to be sure, the money of pay for sb and expect to be repaid later of go ahead of the rest of reason Mr Zhao should be assumed by insurance company. Accordingly, the court makes final judgment adjudicate, pay a car by this insurance company advocate Mr Zhao manages 1500 yuan compensate gold.

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