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Does car seat disappear without trace property / insurance company whose compens
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To thief, steal easily as a result of car component and easy skill, it is very easy to because the market matchs in any steams,go up with low undersell. Accordingly, car spare parts has become the new target of thief theft. Shut-eye of a lot of people awakes, oneself drive 4 wheels to be stolen smooth, the car is being worn by the brick.

Of village property be the first to be affected be immersed in and car advocate " lawsuit " in go. On the other hand, because risk of car of domestic insurance company is at present average,be truckload danger, besides vitreous danger, other fittings was not sure to be planted nearly, accordingly car component is being become to weigh disaster area by pilfer...

Recently, mr Chen hits a hotline to our newspaper: Controlled 6:15 in the morning on October 6, practice of Mr Chen morning runs to the discovery when oneself is downstair, the head stops in back door of downstair car of general GL8 business affairs a day night something wrong interest, postern with the door left unlocked, approach to just discover a car inside in platoon seat already disappeared without trace.

Mr Chen passes observation discovery, thief is to pass the door after opening, put out light, next debus is dismountable in platoon seat. After making observation one time to whole bodywork, mr Chen notices, door hangs the position of trailer card to have the mark of prize apparently after, there is a small hole below plate, mr Chen reckons thief passes the door after this small hole is levered namely.

   Insurance company and property

Think oneself do not have responsibility

In discovery by pilfer for a short while inside, mr Chen was dialed 110 with the telephone call that joins the restful insurance that defend, after the police undertook obtain evidence and understanding a situation to the spot, at present this case has entered grade. Mr Chen introduces, this GL8 was October 2003 the portion buys, use to now already 4 years. Because the village of the place is older village, jockey to compare difference with condition of security personnel government, in car seat by pilfer hind, mr Chen also is communicated with property company, but property company states automobile safety does not belong to him administer limits.

Restful insurance decides caustic personnel to express, although Mr Chen went up pilfer rush to deal with an emergency, but be aimed at only truckload, now is seat little, belong to car a replacement, not be in limits of claim for compensation. But under, mr Chen has him to bear a loss only, mr Chen tells a reporter, the quote of inn of this seat 4S is, single seat includes nearly 10 thousand yuan to install cost, helpless finally only the choice matched a city to hold seat in Wu Zhonglu steam, spent 4000 yuan to mix 5000 yuan respectively, bought two seat to be installed.

Mr Chen tells a reporter, after producing this thing, the car of new seat on heavy new clothes already was stopped in the village around, the village that is in because of oneself is too insecure. Finally, mr Chen is mirrorred to the reporter, this has been his GL8 the 2nd by pilfer. First time losing is portfolio, putting inside the passport gets stuck with all sorts of certificate and bank, 600 yuan of cash.
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