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One person runs 20 accident risk insurance company rejects to pay insurance gold
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The family member bought injury insurance of 20 person accident to get stuck to same person, of coincidence is, insurant is died by report in insurance period.

Insurance company holds card of 20 pieces of insurance to raise doubt to same person, express to be cast to insurant the person that keep does not have impact of direct insurance profit with its, reject to pay insurance gold.

After all this how compensate?

In December 2005, the little brother of Li Mou's little sister, younger sister's husband and Li Mou younger sister's husband, little sister bought 5 insurance check each for him early or late. This insurance card is Shen Cheng one insurance company is new roll out with mail the person injury insurance that postcard form buys gets stuck, entrust a postal savings bank to be in charge of selling. Insurance card front shows " addressee is this postcard namely insurant, injury insurance of accident of body of insurance amount humanness 5000 yuan, insurance premium 10 yuan, insurance period is a year. Insurance period is a year..

Artful is, on August 31, 2006, still be died by misfortune of high-pressured report electrical shock at the Li Mou of insurance period. When Li Mou the wife is obtaining insurance when card seeks manage compensate to insurance company, refuse however by insurance company. "When buying insurance check, insurant full name did not fill in on card, insurant full name fills in after accident happening. " insurance company still thinks, cast the person that keep not to have direct insurance profit to concern with Li Mou to Li Mou, insurance contract should be belonged to invalid, so insurance company should be not compensated for.

Forensic first instance thinks, this insurance blocks forms insurance contract, because policy-holder and insurant do not have impact of direct insurance profit, should belong to invalid contract. But in the format insurance contract that insurance company nots only to buy an object surely all right in open hair, did not add bright the underwriter liability that shows legal plan phasing to close exempts clause and invalid item, the purchaser that accuse also was not made clear when the sale, cause the reliant interest with reasonable and well-meaning purchaser to come to nothing. Insurance company ought to assume the fault responsibility with invalid contract, the insurance profit that presses the acceptance on insurance card namely undertakes compensatory.

Recently, court of Shenyang city intermediate people maintains original judgement, adjudicate 100 thousand yuan to insurance company compensate pays Li Mou wife insurance gold namely.

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