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Chinese life business stars false guarantee slip is cheated protect 15 million i
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How many person is there to believe them beside you?

Be what lets her unbridled make a huge sum of money of false sheet, collect?

Chinese birthday " sale elite " cheat protect 15 million investigation

The aureola that the crammer that justify oneself, business stars, high specified number returns the evidence with returned temptation, inefficacious fine long hair, formed beguiling chain of Liu Xiaoman. Because high specified number is returned,return for fill, expire liquidate and the capital black hole that leave, liu Xiaoman must make up ceaselessly again crammer. After 2007, her cheat defend action approximately mad, oneself kin also becomes beguiling target. The company controller that she is in says, cheat protect the record is complete the individual behavior that is Liu Xiaoman, but the whereaboutldirection of the motive of her bilk a huge sum of money and capital, caused people to be opposite however of this industry guess

Hair from Hunan appropriate chapter

On October 16, 2007 by punishment arrest hind, liu Xiaoman is in of county of Hunan appropriate chapter famous degree taller.

The Liu Xiaoman that professes 48 years old, it is Chinese birthday for a time county of chapter of appropriate of insurance company Hunan pays a company " business stars " , already served 10 years in the company. 2006, she took the 4th of outstanding achievement of individual of branch of Chinese birthday Hunan Province, still holding the position of appropriate chapter county to support team leader of manager of company sale department, elite. The person of the county likes this glib woman -- she often with " handsome young man " , " beautiful female " appellation, denounce the favor that gets them.

"Conflict happened on October 15, a crossroad, the person that Liu Xiaoman is surnamed to be like by was blocked. " an insider says. Be like is Liu Xiaoman's client, bought over her " be satisfactory to both sides of Guo Shouhong Xin (share out bonus) safe " , was about to expire on October 18. Before this, xiao Ceng finds Liu Xiaoman several times to discuss to expire the thing of cash, but be rejected by Liu Xiaoman. After be being barred, liu Xiaoman still expresses " do not have money " , produce the both sides of conflict to be taken by the police to police station.

Although this elite clerk squared on the spot thing, but " Liu Xiaoman is cheated protect " message, begin to travel in the county. After a her collect surname client hears rumor, the guarantee slip that affirms oneself is forge. 16 days afternoon, appropriate chapter police pays a company in county of chapter of Chinese birthday appropriate, take away Liu Xiaoman.

Yin and yang " Guo Shouhong Xin "

Cheat by what Liu Xiaoman operates keep old record, leakage iceberg one horn -- in the Chinese Shou Yizhang county pays a company, the person that be cheated is being taken all sorts of " guarantee slip " , " insurance cost receipt " , " receipt " the requirement is retreated protect. But they are informed: What what hold is " fake " , the company cannot withdraw fund.
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