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The take precautions against natural calamities that how maintains insurant save
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Decision of office of some province traffic to the country a section of a highway that 314 lines monsoon suffers rainwater easily to destroy undertakes rebuilding. Headquarters of construction of highway of this province high order and degree and head office of some bridge construction serve as policy-holder with respect to this project the 2nd contract paragraph with the person Bao Mou branch signed a building contract of insurance of risk of responsibility of project All Risks and a third party. Inside insurance time limit some day is nightly, this the 2nd contract paragraph hill body produces K275 960 ~ to slip naturally on the right side of K276 060 collapse, park a grab inside roadbed limits is mixed bury of car of a dump, collapse set body all needs clear carry to arrive outside roadbed limits.

After concerning geological material, classics analysis maintains accident reason to be: Place of be or get out of danger is tuff edge slope, cave in should not appear below normal circumstance. The main reason that brings about this second coast is to be below complex geological condition, the project is built cause whole of edge slope terrane to slip collapse. Work in the insurance manage compensate to this second accident in undertaking becoming, 15 in the future, the place happening slips the 2nd times collapse.

When spot survey is undertaking after happening as a result of first time accident, discovery is divided already outside the cliff body of the cave in, the cliff system that Shang Yousong uses may continue cave in. Whether did insurance company assume insurance liability to produce difference to person of the 2nd accident insurance.

The opinion thinks: The basis builds clauses of project All Risks 7 (3) " inside this insurance time limit, insurant should adopt all just precautionary measures " and (4) when happening to cause or may cause this insurance policy to issue the accident of claim for compensation, insurant or its representing answer " adopt all necessary step to prevent to losing expands further and reduce the loss lowermost rate " regulation, the cliff system that has shaken in discovery continues likely below the circumstance of the cave in, insurant did not adopt necessary step in time to prevent losing to expand, belong to the obligation of the insurant that violated insurance contract agreement, the loss that reason underwriter causes to this second accident does not grant to assume liability to pay compensation.
Understand the following situation via the author after investigation: The technical level that ⑴ depends on him insurant, cannot choose sound plan to the become loose firm Shi Bian after the cave in slope undertakes handling, need invites design unit to undertake new survey and design, the ability after offerring scientific and feasible program can be carried out, and time of two accidents apart is closer, before new design program emerges, edge slope already again cave in; ⑵ is in actual construction process, because the hill body volume by roadbed is huge, adopt consolidate to wait be on guard measure charge may exceed this second accident loss, apparently wasteful on the project.
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