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Why insurance of primary medical treatment should execute
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The essence of apanage management is socialization management, this is the general principle with safe society, and not pure the principle that is medical treatment insurance. Execute apanage management to want to change worker medical treatment to be sure to be social government from the canal by the unit namely, specific requirement has two sides: It is system and policy are executed inside limits of certain society group unified; 2 raise fund and pay be fund to unite agency by social insurance device. Medical treatment is sure to execute socialization management, made clear government and unit to ensure assumes respective responsibility to the worker already, reduce burden of unit society general affairs, also be helpful for helping each other in all aid, more be helpful for making sure fund is seasonable full specified amount gives pay.

Sum up the lesson that industry of past endowment insurance plans as a whole, did not reduce industry burden on one hand, on one hand in all aid ability is weakened. A few units that are willing to do an industry to plan as a whole, feet attends local insurance, main reason is not not management of approve of apanage, however its income level and medical treatment consumption level are general prep above place, attend local society to plan as a whole, want to raise pay necessarily, corresponding still can reduce its wage level. This transforms on one hand with respect to need the thought understanding of these units, the society is safe in all aid sex is the underlying demand that keeps a society to be sure to run normally, benefit is good today make some of contribution, but market competition is callosity, once beneficial result is bad when, need this kind of society in all aid, so this is planted in all aid sex, since helps each other realistically, also be the history help each other. On the other hand, each district also wants mature the difference of the consumption level between different unit of the characteristic of these units and our country, make appropriate in all benefit level and the specific measure that solution implements apanage management definitely.

Primary medical treatment is sure to be about to execute apanage management at the beginning, do not do an industry to plan as a whole, drew the lesson that the industry plans as a whole already, also put forward specific the measure that implements apanage management, accordingly, apanage management serves as a principle, any units must hold to, cannot exceptional. In the meantime, " decision " carry to railroad, electric power, ocean etc cross an area to produce the company with bigger fluidity and its worker, allow to plan as a whole with attending relative to means different ground of concentration the primary medical treatment of the area is safe, advocate if consider this part enterprise and its worker,the primary medical treatment that uniform correspondence attends to be in an area severally is sure, too dispersive, the difficulty that existing to manage, also go against the resource of medical treatment sanitation that uses this kind of trade effectively and convenient worker timely seek medical advice. As to if why center means different ground to attend relatively,plan as a whole the primary medical treatment of the area is safe, labor safeguard ministry and will study particular way jointly about branch and area.
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