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Why class of solid prices of in principle of insurance of
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Law of large number of medical treatment insurance, it is certain to need to attend a crowd to must be achieved on one hand cover range, the management that also needs social insurance on the other hand must bead the administrative levels that adjusts as a whole. If enclothe limits to achieve a requirement, and join a crowd or cent piece is run, still cannot realize social insurance in all aid, be on guard the action of fund risk. But primary medical treatment plans as a whole safely administrative levels the administrative ability of insurance device of society of be decided by, not be to plan as a whole administrative levels is higher, fund does not have a risk more, administrative ability does not follow to go up, the function that same short of adjusts.

In principle of insurance of primary medical treatment executes city class to plan as a whole, it is to summing up system of medical treatment insurance to reform pilot experience, consider fund of insurance of primary medical treatment to help each other already in all aid and resist risk ability, decide on the foundation of the difference that considers consumption level of progress of the economy between the area, medical treatment and actual level of management again, it is suit our country is current and actual. Current, reform of system of insurance of worker medical treatment just starts, if plan as a whole administrative levels is exorbitant, do directly provincial as a whole, the difference between the area is too big, current level of management also suits hard, the condition is apparent immature. But if medical treatment is sure to plan as a whole administrative levels is too low, be in only county (city) plan as a whole below, insurance fund in all aid ability is poorer, fight risk ability weaker also, satisfy the requirement that labour force flows hard. And affirmatory in principle is with canton of ground level above as a whole unit, be in countrywide most area, can accomplishing on level of management, it is to get used to each district quite actual.

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