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Is primary medical treatment sure what to life to pay fee
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The life that fund of insurance of primary medical treatment does not grant to pay serves cost of facilities of project kimono Wu, basically include 5 kinds big: It is (turn) fare of examine transportation expenses, emergency treatment; 2 it is air conditioning cost of box of heat preservation of cost of cost, TV cost, box of infantile heat preservation, food, electric stove cost, freezer cost and damage of attaint public property; 3 it is to accompany protect expenses for medicine of decoct of the cost, cost that protect worker worker, cost that wash manage, outpatient service; 4 it is prandial cost; 5 it is entertainment activity cost needs the life to serve expense especially with etc. Stipulate afore-mentioned lives serve project and service facilities cost not to grant to pay, basically be a consideration these project some are not to diagnose, treat and nurse need in the process, wait like TV, phone, freezer, although some is indispensible, but attribute individual or unit responsibility, wait like expenses of transportation seeing a doctor, emergency treatment fare, prandial cost.

Because difference of each district surroundings is very big, some medical treatment serve establishment project to be in certain place may not be necessary, but be in another some of place is necessary, if warm oneself,cost is belonged to in northern cold region necessary. Whether does service facilities project bring into fund of insurance of primary medical treatment to pay limits to this kind of medical treatment, each province (area, city) labor safeguard service can combine this locality economy to develop fund of level and insurance of primary medical treatment to bear regulation of ability proper motion.

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