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What is insurance of special type disease
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What certain and special disease often brings to the patient is disastrous charge pays, average resident family stands hard. For example disease of cancer, heart. So, people asks the insurance amount of this kind of guarantee slip is larger normally, with enough all sorts of fee that pay its generation. To keep a major disease that provides safeguard, can be individual, be like malignant tumor, it is some a few kinds of cancer in malignant tumor even; Also can be multinomial, list a few kinds of of the agreement major diseases one by one, be like malignant tumor, transplanting of miocardial infarction, uremia, vitals, limb breaks down, the head is apoplectic reach coronary artery to build bridge operation to wait a moment. Once be in since the day of insurance policy become effective after 180 days, insurant diagnoses the major disease that has guarantee slip agreement via the hospital of certain level, can apply for to pay the insurance of total number amount to insurance company, insurance liability is stopped all right namely.

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