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Does check-up report the health that is insurant proves?
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On December 12, 2002, wei Mou is cast through some life-insurance company agent guarantee individual birthday a place difficult of access. According to the accept insurance requirement of insurance company, 19 days of Wei Mou will to insurance company accept check-up. In the check-up result that day, second liver has 3 Xiang Weiyang sexes in 5 assay report (+ ) . Morrow, the Kingdom of Wei of insurance company basis check-up result of some 19 days, defend a program according to the nucleus of the company, make increase insurance premium to give the decision of accept insurance. Wei Mou did not disagree to this, the nucleus that agrees with insurance company defends a decision, and pay corresponding insurance premium. Insurance company issued Wei Mou of insurance policy service subsequently, sign on insurance policy receipt via Wei Mou affirm. By December 2002, wei Mou comes to insurance company again, showed the liver function that saved people hospital to be issued for its by some on December 27 to examine report, only an index shows masculine gender in this report (+ ) , with insurance company experience result of 19 days is not complete conform to. Wei Mou thinks, insurance company examines according to liver function of 19 days result, decide the accept insurance that increase cost, decide namely oneself contract hepatitis, the pecuniary loss that asks insurance company compensation is caused to its from this and spirit are damaged add up to 30 thousand yuan. Insurance company advocates: If be opposite of the company examine to have doubt as a result, can undertake reinspecting in the company, perhaps accompany in what the nucleus keeps staff below, go to the hospital deciding a dot of insurance company undertaking reinspecting, perhaps deal with retreat maintain procedures, but all sufferred Wei Mou refuse, dispute arises from this.


The dispute of policy-holder Wei Mou and insurance company caused the problem with the following specific need: What are the property that the check-up that is insurance company reports and action? 2 it is policy-holder when the check-up kill that makes to insurance company disagrees, what step can you take? When the 3 check-up results that are insurance company are not accurate, whether ought to assume the liability to pay compensation that the pecuniary loss of insurant and spirit damage? Ought to make clear above all, insurance company asks insurant makes the checkup that sets a project, not be to diagnose a patient's condition to insurant, remedial disease, primary purpose is to should adopt medical treatment measure, make clear the healthy state of insurant, measure safeguard risk and safeguard cost then, decide pair of insurant finally whether the condition of accept insurance and accept insurance. Insurance company passes checkup, can prevent those body states not beautiful, for example already, once or future contracts some kind of disease very likely, the insurant with bigger risk buys insurance with average cost rate, control namely so called go against a choice, disperse thereby risk, implementation cost leads justice, control insurance liability. In this case, insurance company shows masculine gender according to 3 index in result of check-up of policy-holder second liver, think accept insurance risk is bigger, the requirement increases cost accept insurance, also be life-insurance business runs medium legal right and proper requirement. Insurance company is not a hospital, wei Mou ought not to think insurance company diagnoses his to contract hepatitis accordingly. What is more,the rather that, the person that these 3 index in second liver check-up show masculine gender and can be not detected certainly is second liver patient, this is the medical knowledge of sex of a common sense. Next, the check-up result to insurance company is not insurant to be able to not choose the ground to accept only. Insurance contract is bilateral party is in fair mutual benefit, negotiate consistent foundation to go up to conclude of one's own accord. The policy-holder that disagrees to the accuracy of result of insurance company check-up and authenticity can ask insurance company is reinspected further, perhaps accompany in what the nucleus keeps staff go down to nod a hospital to undertake reinspecting surely, order the basis that sign a contract with reinspecting a result to regard as. Do not accept in policy-holder reinspect, and below the circumstance that does not agree to increase insurance premium, policy-holder can choose to forgo the opportunity of contract, select other insurance product separately, perhaps cast to other insurance company protect.
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