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Why fund of insurance of primary medical treatment wants
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This basically is to realize social medical treatment to be sure to help each other in all the need of aid. The concept that plan as a whole basically does not depend on administrative administrative levels, however the range that fund adjusts. System of medical treatment of labor insurance of original at public expense cannot move so, basically be a problem it is unit management, adjust range too small, 2 it is to funds raised by oneself, did not stabilize fund origin, 3 it is safeguard pay is differ, action of aid of fair each other is less than since. Since realize social insurance, must assure to plan as a whole basically administrative levels and adjust range. Be in currently plan as a whole certainly administrative levels and when adjusting range, want to take care of the otherness of consumption level of existing medical treatment on one hand, cannot in all aid strength is too great, want the ability of consideration management on one hand, mishandled span is too big. The getaway that in medical treatment insurance system reforms level, affirmatory city county plans as a whole, took care of otherness and administrative ability already adequately, fund of insurance of primary medical treatment should be in execute inside the area as a whole unified raise money, use and manage, otherwise cent piece is run, go against already in all aid, also go against management, more go against go to a doctor of convenient worker nearby.

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