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Strengthen insurance premium of primary medical treatment
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Above all, each plan as a whole the area should combine place to be made actually include limits of settle accounts means and standard, settle accounts and program, examine and verify method and the settle accounts way that run measure inside, and according to as a whole fund is raised surely with closing, income and expenses balances
Requirement, the defray gross that decides fund of insurance of primary medical treatment and the norm that book each to nod medical establishment surely dominate index.

Next, each district should establish settle accounts standard according to means of different close an account, clear cure guarantees bilateral responsibility, influence and obligation, be aimed at amount the advantages and disadvantages that project of imprest, service pays unit of cost, service to pay cost 3 kinds of main way, make way of different close an account defend plasticity government measure.

The 3rd, want range of reasonable and certain settle accounts, program of normative settle accounts, make clear settle accounts deadline, simplify formalities, raise socialization management to serve a level.

The 4th, want to strengthen the management of expense of insurance of primary medical treatment and examine and verify, do not accord with formulary charge to medical establishment, fund of insurance of primary medical treatment does not grant to pay, the charge that accords with a regulation wants on time appropriate of full specified amount.

The 5th, want to explore practical way, and basis government ability, do improving examine to turn go to a doctor of ground of courtyard, different and the settle accounts job that choosing retail drugstore to produce medical treatment charge and individual account to pay medical treatment fee surely.

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