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The defray gross that why should settle accounts manageme
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Use the requirement of settle accounts management about insurance premium of primary medical treatment according to the country, each district is adopted no matter why to plant settle accounts means, should press raise in order to close surely, the principle that income and expenses balances, decide fund expenses gross, the level that chooses medical establishment according to deciding and category and insurance of assume primary medical treatment serve an amount, book the ration that orders medical establishment surely each to dominate index.

Set fund expenses gross, main purpose has 2: It is to be opposite cure, protect both sides to form charge to restrain a mechanism, let orgnaization of social insurance agency how many money does how many thing, make the medical establishment that decide a dot safe to the society the disbursement of agency orgnaization ability and pay the forehead to spend know fairly well, in order to raise the cost consciousness of medical establishment, ensure primary medical treatment is sure to plan as a whole balance of fund income and expenses. 2 it is the requirement that accords with management of fund of insurance of primary medical treatment, the principle that according to income and expenses two lines manage, fund of insurance of insurance of primary medical treatment should be built beforehand system of final accounting of revenue and expenditure, according to primary medical treatment insurance fund uses a budget, orgnaization of agency of insurance of inevitable requirement society has the control index of a defray gross before defray, if do not have control of this defray gross, make sure fund is estimated hard carry out.

Book the ration that orders medical establishment surely each to dominate index, it is to fulfil pilot of fund expenses gross necessary step, also be insurance device of clear medical treatment and orgnaization of medical treatment service at the same time in carry out primary medical treatment the responsibility with respective respect of insurance service and cost control, influence and obligation, make the important instrument of rational basis for examine and verify of expense settle accounts. Specific without pilot of this kind of norm quantified index, when examine and verify of expense settle accounts, do not have think according to, the issue that also limits medical treatment service hard at the same time and charge pay the issue of limits.

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