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How decide and to how decide and control gross of expense
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Reasonable decide and control gross of expenses of fund of insurance of primary medical treatment strictly, it is a society insurance agency orgnaization makes sure fund of insurance of primary medical treatment is reasonable use, as a whole the main responsibility that fund income and expenses balances. Had done this work, must hold 4 link:

It is a basis year fund budget, current fund is captured circumstance and on period fund expenses circumstance, gross of reasonable and certain expenses, take superabundant land.

2 it is to be after fund expenses gross is affirmatory, go up according to nodding medical establishment surely period quantity of medical treatment service and executive policy circumstance, reasonable and affirmatory specific quantified norm dominates index, enact scientific and reasonable government measure.

3 it is the requirement according to policy of insurance of primary medical treatment, management and orgnaization of social insurance agency and the consultative regulation that the medical establishment that decide a dot signs, service of medical treatment of strict examine and verify and expense, implement measure of rewards and punishment truly.

4 it is to build perfect and primary medical treatment to safe fund manages and control a system, build interior of orgnaization of agency of perfect society insurance to manage system and autonomic mechanism, those who prevent fund is crowded occupy divert.

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