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The Olympic Games beside
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Late on August 8, 2008, when giant " footmark " had crossed this old city, when bright dazzing fireworks illumes the night sky of bird's nest, when tremendous 5 annulus from stadium slowly rise, should condense an ancient name for China is old and civilized elemental length coils to be opened slowly, when auspicious cloud advocate torch enlightens national stadium, we say OK and proudly eventually: "The Olympic Games comes to the side of us really "

Bead light sheds the Beijing of this one night the colour, look that drew a whole world. Olympic Games of the 29th Beijing pulls open big screen, a gallant picture scroll shows alive person before. This is a night that makes compatriots unforgettable, also be a night that makes common people surprizing, this momently, the world saw one is had not only historical civilization is ancient 5000 country, more saw one is full of the self-confident, energized, contemporary China that is full of wisdom, this is destined to want in Olympic the one page that glorious leaves on athletic history.

The Olympic Games came eventually, arrive from Pacific Ocean Mediterranean, arrive from happy Ma Laya African prairie, the Olympic Games comes to the side of us really, although we are most,the person can not go into the spot to be boost the morale of of athletic good athlete quite.

Look, a grown-ups and children is surrounded program of Olympic Games sports is watched before sitting in the television, close friends gathers watch Olympic Games game, the athlete that respective country is before the friend of China and foreign countries that each other is not acquainted is surrounded in the big screen of Beijing street square cheers boost the morale of, in this old and modern city, we can experience the festive atmosphere with full-bodied Olympic Games everywhere.

This is the grand meeting of the world, the eye of whole world people gathers in together, the passion of each nation is bursting forth together, the warm blood of each country good athlete is flushing together, whole world people is having collective topic, collective communication, collective cheer.

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