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Beijing Olympic Games is sure to highlight Chinese characteristic
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All along of insurance cost defray of the Olympic Games is taller, the defray of insurance cost of a few Olympic Games after 1992 is controlled in 2289 dollars. Basis " action of Beijing Olympic Games plans " estimation, beijing is prepared and hold the insurance demand that the Olympic Games will bring nearly 300 billion yuan 2008, the insurance premium that produces from this will amount to 300 million yuan. How will these 300 million yuan allocate, beijing Olympic Games had He Te color to cause the attention of people in insurance safeguard respect.

Chinese characteristic guarantees program

BOCOG expressed a few days ago, insurance safeguard system built the Olympic Games already formally to end and begin to be run formally 2008. Wang He of group leader of group of leader of the insurance when vice-president of Inc. of insurance of Chinese people property, Olympic Games is surpassed expresses, serve to provide perfect insurance safeguard to the Olympic Games, from September 2005 the Chinese is protected after becoming partner of insurance of Beijing Olympic Games, the person protects money risk company to beginning plan of hand accept insurance to design, product is developed and serve systematic compose to build wait for the job, last a period of time was finished 3 many years have " Chinese characteristic " the Olympic Games is safe and overall of executive program program make.

"Should say system of safeguard of insurance of Beijing Olympic Games was mixed 2008 go to the different characteristic of a match. From go to the experience of a match looks, basically be to take kind of compensatory of after the event. And dominant thought was made clear when we make insurance plan above all -- offer whole process to be sure to serve zephyr danger to manage for the Olympic Games, serve risk management outspread in beforehand and thing, do one's best runs whole match the risk in the process to fall through specializationed insurance service lowest. " Wang He states Beijing Olympic Games is sure to ensure a system to also be reflected piece " Chinese characteristic " .

According to king and vice-president introduction, the person protected money danger to develop responsibility danger for Beijing Olympic Games in all the VIK of 5 big insurance such as insurance policy of person of insurance policy of the motor vehicle when guarantee slip, belongings danger guarantee slip, contest, organization and volunteer insurance policy (Val Juan UeinKind -- cash equivalence service is folded touch) .

In addition, planting nearly the respect returns the requirement according to area match, installed horses to carry a lot of individuation products such as insurance. On products plan of Olympic Games insurance, undertook bold innovation, development went to have international level already, the risk that accords with Chinese characteristic again ensures a product.

The Olympic Games is sure to reflect humanitarian consideration

"Additionally a bit feature, reflect humanitarian consideration namely. " Wang He discloses, "This the insurance system of Beijing Olympic Games can cover whole Beijing Olympic Games and damage the activity of abstruse meeting, personnel and belongings, include Olympic Games big family inside 150 thousand relevant personnel (among them member of big family of many 40 thousand Olympic Games, register a volunteer 110 thousand times) . This explicit audience respect also offerred lash-up and emergency treatment establishment. This explicit audience respect also offerred lash-up and emergency treatment establishment..
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