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Consciousness of urban female insurance increases
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Research of Hua Kaizhi rich shows advisory orgnaization of professional money market: In recent years, as life quality rise, the attention of Chinese city female to oneself and risk safeguard consciousness increase apparently. Investigation shows: Have 26.3 % suffer the person that visit to know to have female insurance product, have 61.9 % additionally suffer visit a family to think to be necessary to provide the insurance that has specific aim technically for the female, among them, the person that think the female is sure to should offer those who ensure a respect to be visited for female disease is most (if pursue one) . Cancer of breast cancer, uterus, ovarian cancer is considered as a female most the disease that requires safeguard. Be in all sufferring in the grown woman that seek, 40% express to buy female insurance product certain or probably, and this one scale develops relatively in economy bead Ning Hang of trigonometry, Shanghai and Beijing ferry area are apparent prep above is other area, be achieved respectively or be close to 50% , of the buildup that shows female insurance inclination and income rise having depth second immanent connection.

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