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"House price is too expensive " one billion two hundred and fifteen million seve
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This month the last ten-day of a month, several insurance company receive telephone call of the conference that keep watch to inform in same time almost, requirement " at top speed " report state of assets of company all estate, "Invest sexual capital especially "

The insurance law in editing, come out eventually the message puts policy brake, allow insurance company to throw praedial domain. Although code did not make specific provision to investing scale upper limit, but insurance company personage thinks, insurance company or consult the investment scale of 5% undertakes the risk is controlled, with this computation, will have 1000 much capital is accessibility praedial.

Insurance personage thinks generally, preliminary unlock the insurance fund with praedial investment, commerce of will main flow direction is landed. And company of a few insurance also expresses, current estate price " expensive " .

Did not stipulate investment is praedial scale

Yesterday, the 4th times the conference will discuss standing committee of National People's Congress of 11 whole nations insurance law edits draft, research widens insurance fund invests limits further, for instance but " negotiable securities of buying and selling " wait with praedial investment.

To praedial investment, play insurance way 2 period head of department of insurance of castigatory Beijing industrial and commercial university Professor Wang Xujin told morning paper the reporter yesterday, increase praedial investment to must have wanted to consider, main reason has two: It is investment praedial it is national convention; 2 it is many insurance companies had kept home actually in praedial investment, here the circumstance falls, bringing into its legal scope already was must.

Introduce according to participating in expert of insurance law castigatory, insurance law edits the investment form with particular without the regulation draft and scale, just undertake making clear to the overall limits of investment, widened insurance fund invests limits further, for instance but " negotiable securities of buying and selling " wait with praedial investment.

Wang Xujin expressed different opinion to this. He expresses, insurance law should encourage insurance fund to invest diversification, increase insurance company to invest channel, in order to increase insurer profit, to investing means and investment main body should have specific provision, and clear to investing a project to still should be made each scale limitation.

And an insurance company personage says, insurance law regards a principle law as code, should not set to detail meticulous, will be washed out very quickly by reality as vicissitude of the market otherwise, superintendency branch can pass a few specific statute code makes specific provision to investing a project to wait.

Can invest to insurance fund praedial, wang Xiaogang of analyst of insurance of Oriental negotiable securities said yesterday: "This is a good thing. " his analysis thinks, adjust setting to fall considerably in field of A stock market, insurance industry, insurance company faces very great pressure, investment is praedial be helpful for insurance fund increasing profit.
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