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China first insurance company informatization studies the project is finished
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As the rapid development of Chinese insurance, the information system of insurance company already this is preliminary build, but the difference with very bigger than still having look of level of informatization of Chinese insurance company and abroad's advanced birthday risk company, face good luck and challenge, use informatization construction to improve the core competition ability of insurance company and level of management, had become reform insurance company to manage system and the technical core that run a mechanism. Data data shows, the devoted cost that informatization of our country insurance company built 2005 is amounted to 3.55 billion, the charge that to 2010 informatization construction throws will amount to 80 100 million, informatization construction has become each Chongzhongzhi of big insurance company to weigh, of the development that matters to insurance company future directly and company core competition ability rise, informatization builds the lifeline that has made progress of each big insurance company. But, there still are a lot of problems that solve urgently in the informatization construction process of domestic insurance company, for this, the orgnaization collaboration such as advisory limited company of market of Beijing Hua Kaizhi rich and Chinese Academy of Sciences undertook informatization of birthday risk company study a project. This research is the development existing state of affairs that is based on domestic insurance company, combine the model of advanced insurance information system on international, evaluate each are at present big the informatization current situation of insurance company, the problem that the respect such as application of intelligence of center of application of center of equipment of construction of center of application of business affairs of application of business of the framework of target information system to insurance company, applied system framework, IT foundation framework, core, electron, data, calamity, call and CRM system application, commerce faces undertakes study, be aimed at respectively big / in / the pattern that small-sized insurance company raised to differ and proposal. This project of insurance company informatization considers to have 3 characteristics; It is authority, by Beijing market of Hua Kaizhi rich seeks advice from limited company informatization to study the authoritative orgnaization collaboration such as project group and the Chinese Academy of Sciences is finished. 2 it is comprehensive sex, this informatization studies the project covered each aspects of construction of insurance company informatization, to the informatization of insurance company from each link construction offers professional directiveness to study positive result. 3 it is professional, the much name in studying project group is advisory ever the informatization that whole journey has enlisted domestic insurance company consults a project, have the experience that in IBM, HP, Pu Huayong the world-famous advisory company such as the path works, study data has authority and direct sense more. This project of insurance company informatization studies the informatization to insurance company has great sense for construction, conduce to the informatization system that insurance company is built and perfects soundly, can draw lessons from the experience that the insurance company informatization that is in lead position builds and framework model when our company informatization is built at the same time, raise the company core competition ability of insurance company and business management level thereby, company of insurance of the China that help strength is won in the competition of informatization first machine.

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