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Liu Xiang declines the turning point that surpasses development of special limbs
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A lot of people can be imagined, if Liu Xiang does not quit game, the match of 110 meters of column is more wonderful. Nowadays, another problem is, if Liu Xiang does not quit game, restful insurance sends an athlete about grinding quickly the decision of danger of loss of special limbs function is even defer.

Liu Xiang cancels contest event:

Liu Xiang 100 million yuan of guarantee slip " hit white " beginning and end

New difficult problem of sale of brand of Liu Xiang face about

After Liu Xiang quits game whether 100 million yuan of restful compensation

About Liu Xiang the civilian of 100 million yuan of guarantee slip explains

In October 2007, liu Xiang serves as China restful " commonweal ambassador " , obtain gave forehead of a newspaper to be a RMB 100 million yuan person is accident danger guarantee slip, insurance time limit comes from November 1, 2007 on October 31, 2008, when be 1 year. The basis defends the relevant regulation that inspect meets, the risk range that above guarantee slip covers is inside limits of normal safeguard of person accident insurance.

Regard a kind of special conduct propaganda as the method, "Flying person " Liu Xiang is adscititious the social force that guarantee slip of high specified number increased restful insurance. Step-by-step perhaps, liu Xiang plays the game normally, before lose effectiveness of the insurance end October, of this high specified number given the value that already did not exist. However, of Liu Xiang quiting game is everybody only then expect do not, this accident harm was pulled from shadow again nearly in the open.

After many twists and turns, report Liu Xiang above all from media 100 million yuan of guarantee slip whether compensate pays, to sports of restful insurance demand total bureau ancient bronze mirror is hurt, and final Liu Xiang does not prepare to be harmed to accident of person of restful claim for compensation danger, accompanying the sound of the look of a lot of netizen angle and doubt, "100 million yuan of guarantee slip " incident appears to come to an end, but this incident still highlighted home to be in " the athlete is special danger of limbs function loss " of the respect be short of break.

Be in " 100 million yuan of guarantee slip " after ringing down the curtain, china points out in the dispatch on its website in safety, china quickens athlete of research and development in safety danger of loss of special limbs function. China already was in in safety active collect, arrange an athlete the mass data such as probability of loss of function of special limbs place, type, degree, begin the research of demand of relevant experience, data, case, market actively, begin to try to develop an athlete product of insurance of loss of function of special limbs place, the hope removes the trouble back at home of broad athlete, support the bitter fleabane break out of Chinese sports facilities to exhibit with real operation.
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