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Gain of 3 tycoons start shooting defends money a place difficult of access battl
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Suffer the effect of the natural disaster such as calamity of snow of the beginning of the year, earthquake, the person is protected, too protect, the whole line of profit of restful accept insurance drops. The person is protected and profit of restful accept insurance appears at the same time deficit, it is respectively - 2.087 billion yuan are mixed - 18 million yuan; Too protecting is 3 companies in of enter an item in an account of exclusive and advantageous embellish, implementation of half an year manages gain 220 million yuan, but compare last year 1.98 billion yuan of the corresponding period, still have bigger loss.

Break through 100 % integratedly into this rate

According to the forms for reporting statistics of company of 3 penates risk, the person protects money danger to become this rate integratedly first half of the year 2008 105.2 % , rise compared to the same period 9.2 % ; Too protect produce danger put together to synthesize this rate to be 108.5 % , rise compared to the same period 10 % ; Produce danger put together to synthesize this rate to be 110.3 % in safety, ascendant extent is 8.3 % .

Produce danger respect to think in safety, because the natural disaster such as snow calamity, earthquake, rainstorm happens, and hand in rate of strong danger cost to reduce, brought about integrated cost rate to rise, had created pressure to producing the year profit ability of risk business. The net loss that if eliminate is natural,calamity causes, the integrated cost rate that produces danger half an year in safety is 102.3 % .

Although insurance company maintained high-speed growth on insurance cost income, but the growth of reparations defray and poundage defray more prepare very. If produce the integrated cost of risk company to lead more than 100 % , so mean accept insurance loss. Before this, because compensate pays rate and the house that charge leads not to fall high, put together of Shanghai car danger synthesized this rate to exceed 100 % , cause whole the hot water that produces danger market to be immersed in deficit for a time.

Come nearly two years, as the get warm again after a cold spell of capital market, insurance company uses the debt of deficit of yield fill accept insurance, can have profit even. However, the market prise that insurance company invests the stock market since this year considerably shrink, this finally " help straw " also did not have a hope.

The person protects compensate of the danger that be not a car to pay increase sharply

2008 first half of the year, the person protects money danger to already produced clean reparations to be thirty billion four hundred and eighty-one million yuan, grow 37.4 % compared to the same period; Compensate pays rate from 2007 the 67.1 % first half of the year rise to 75.9 % . Reparations increases to basically come from two respects: On one hand, the addition of business income brought the growth of reparations; On the other hand, southern rain snow puts aspic calamity He Wenchuan on the ice calamity of especially big earthquake, increase what also brought about reparations considerably.
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