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Danger look forward to meets compensate of kapok earthquake manage head-on
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"After seismic happening, we drive for a short while go to the spot, undertook reconnaissance manage compensate. " yesterday, chinese birthday discloses when accepting a reporter to interview about chief, current, already certainly 3 Chinese birthday clients die in this earthquake, among them 2 people already got insurance reparations in seismic happening morrow.

On August 30 16 when 30 minutes, autonomous prefecture of the Yi nationality of city benevolence and area, cool hill meets Sichuan province kapok manage county boundary produces earthquake of 6.1 on the Richter scale. Up to on September 1 16 when statistic, kapok - can manage 6. 1 class earthquake already caused Sichuan, Yunnan two provinces 94. 10 thousand person is stricken be hit by a natural adversity, because calamity dies 36 people (among them Sichuan saves 30 people, Yunnan to save 6 people) , get hurt 675 people, urgent move finds a place for 18. 120 thousand more than person, a house owned by a citizen pouring caustic 39. More than 20 thousand.

The lash-up that start beforehand case

Experienced " 5 · 12 " earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River is as long as after the reconnaissance manage compensate of a few months works, chinese insurance is in break out major disaster incident to answer a mechanism mediumly to become better day by day. Group of insurance of Chinese Pacific Ocean (the following abbreviation " too protect " ) chief introduction says, branch of Sichuan, Yunnan has started lash-up beforehand case, arrangement person specially assigned for a task maintains the connection that waits for stricken be hit by a natural adversity area with kapok, Xi Chang, master seismic circumstance at any time, force of compensate of manage of urgent deploy survey, do the relevant work such as precaution of good client service, aftershock.

Meanwhile, too protect produce danger leader to coach personally deploy is aseismatic action providing disaster relief, the requirement does the statistical work such as circumstance of casualties of good employee, client and belongings loss circumstance. To understand the situation of a disaster quickly, too protect produce branch of danger Sichuan, Yunnan to waited for big client to undertake contacting with the means such as phone, short message and local bank, post office, enquire damage circumstance actively.

3 form corporation started province of Chinese birthday Sichuan, city, county " seismic calamity is urgent beforehand case " , establish group of aseismatic leader providing disaster relief, take case of damage of all sorts of means understanding, statistic, rush to deal with an emergency of thorough disaster area provides disaster relief condolatory client begins survey manage compensate. Current, already affirmed 3 Chinese birthday clients die in this earthquake.

Subsequently, the reporter dialed a person to protect money danger, China to wait for the phone of controller of many insurance company in safety again. Major company shows, had started seismic calamity lash-up beforehand case, will be in begin rush to deal with an emergency to provide disaster relief for a short while, the job of compensate of manage of condolatory client, survey.
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