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Injury of financial seismic sea wave and Chinese insurance invest in safety rich
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Although so far, chinese insurance company firm say to had not been bought " two rooms " stock and debt, also not " be infected with " the stock of Guo Leiman's brother and debt, but this can not say, chinese insurance company did not suffer second lend an influence, affect already strong presence secondhand. Up to " daily of the first finance and economics " when distributing news dispatches, european stock market is behaved still disappointing, did not move to save AIG because of getting American government, and 1.7 billion dollar buys Bakelai Lei Man sends the message such as an asset affect and considerably get warm again after a cold spell, china is restful (33.73, 3.07, 10.01% , ) in rich the investment float that connects a group to go up expands further fortunately, had been close to a RMB 16 billion yuan.

Rich connect price of closing quotation of group Zhou San to be 6.69 euro. Be in what what announce in half annals this year according to restful group, period end hold is rich connect 121 million to come estimation, zhang face market prise is 809 million euro about (amount to RMB 7.945 billion yuan of) , and the initiative investment amount that invests with this comes twenty-three billion eight hundred and thirty-eight million yuan for the RMB estimation, restful group investment is rich should already float had a deficit RMB fifteen billion eight hundred and ninety-three million yuan, drop extent is 67% the left and right sides. And net first half of the year gain is this group that publishs before restful group only RMB 7.31 billion yuan.

Had made clear before restful group express, of this company hold rich connect group stock classify to sell financial asset to can be offerred, according to restful group extended hold is rich the investment strategy that understands group stock and relevant accountant policy, up to on June 30, 2008, this company does not need to be opposite rich investment plan carries a group share certificate the preparation that reduce a cost. But so large-scale float short enough lets restful group manage layer and investor generation " bad mood " . Yesterday, be in in safety A on, continue to drop considerably.

The meeting that keep watch expresses about sectional chief, about American money market major change is opposite the influence problem of Chinese insurance, this branch is being evaluated in research in.

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