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Life insurance receives management paying fee to will give new rule
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The reporter learns, china keeps watch meeting general is sure to closing to person pay the crucial link such as cost to pursue new superintendency system, execute the collection insurance premium, 0 cash government that pay insurance gold. Current, of protocol of the meeting that keep watch " the announcement that concerns an issue about strengthening person insurance company to control government paying fee (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " (the following abbreviation " announcement " ) had allotted to company of each life insurance.

The personage inside course of study discloses, long-term since, generation of cash of the member that life insurance industry uses insurance sale generally receives insurance premium, generation to pay the service of insurance gold way. But the rapid development as insurance Wu and sale member increase of the team ceaselessly, because weakness accuses inside company of partial birthday risk, the system flaw with receiving link paying fee to exist certain and risk hidden danger, bring about a few areas to ever had produced the case of insurance cost of sale personnel divert, embezzlement, bilk and insurance gold. According to introducing, the new system that the meeting that keep watch is about to roll out, the purpose should be on guard namely capital risk, protect the interest of policy-holder.

As we have learned, according to " announcement " concerned regulation, cash of deal with of the member that insurance company should limit sale strictly, the business of amount of 300 yuan of above, insurance company accepts insurance premium of cash fashion collection, pay insurance gold, beard insurance him consumer is dealt with to insurance company business site; Insurance consumer cannot head for, insurance company can pass a bank only or postal deposit bar turns Zhang collection insurance premium and pay insurance reparations of gold, insurance, but must have number of Id of the person that pay fee and number of Zhang of the bank that pay fee. 300 yuan the following small business, insurance company can receive kind paying fee certainly by oneself.

" announcement " return a regulation, insurance company should deploy pay a return visit of person specially assigned for a task. Be opposite a year for instance period above person guarantee slip 100 % pay a return visit; To 1000 yuan of above retreat protect client, time-expired client, manage compensate client to have 100 % pay a return visit. In the meantime, still ask insurance company builds a salesperson sincere letter evaluation and early-warning mechanism, time of change of key attention policy-holder is much, remove sheet number is much, retreat protect lead compensate of tall, manage to lead tall, add to close lead low, flow the member that success of pay a return visit of frequent, client leads small insurance sale.

In addition, of insurance bill, seal use also will rigid standard, do not allow a disorder to use. For instance, " announcement " requirement insurance company formal receipt or bill should be issued to consumer after getting insurance cost, any insurance company and individual must not use of short duration to collect receipt, temporarily the informal receipt such as receipt, duplicate receipt.
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