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Are two days retreated protect rejection of Hong Kong of insurance of 2000 frien
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In experienced 16 days, 17 days nearly 2000 are retreated after protecting mad tide, the friendly nation of subsidiary United States of AIG is safe (AIA) the branch that is in Chinese Hong Kong started urgent crisis public relations 18 days, because of beautiful couplet store the message of AIG of support of loan of loop of 85 billion dollar gets affirming, AIA is in Hong Kong retreat keep wave temporary stanch the trend that continues to worsen.

"Observe according to me, be in today square of boreal horn friendly nation, retreat the case that defend and about the same yesterday. " an employee of AIA of square of 183 friendly nation told horn of Hong Kong north the reporter on September 18.

16, two days 17, AIA is retreated in experience of Chinese Hong Kong protect control in 2000, and AIA is measured in the total accept insurance of Macao and Hong Kong, have many 200 guarantee slip, among them 95 % above is in Hong Kong.

18 days morning 8 ∶ 45, AIA held breakfast of a medium to meet in Hong Kong.

Inland of AIG life-insurance China, China Taiwan and Zheng Dezhi of Indian area president, Chairman AIA (Chinese Hong Kong and Chinese Macao) Lin Wende, AIA is advanced vice-president and general manager (Chinese Hong Kong and Chinese Macao) Rong Jiaming, .

AIA management layer emphasizes above all a bit: Did not hear AIG to have the information that sells a Hong Kong business possibility.

"AIG has powerful and advantageous business advantage in the different market of world each district, and asset more quite deep, total assets exceeds 1 trillion dollar, although AIA is AIG subsidiary, but have independent and perfect account, by the guarantee slip that AIA signs and issue, it is the direct responsibility of AIA, AIA has enough sth used to one's own advantage, and suffer manage of Hong Kong insurance inspect to be in strict superintendency, accord with the capital requirement of byelaw, AIA can continue to be run normally need in order to satisfy a client. " write in a statement that AIA18 day sends our newspaper reporter.

AIA emphasizes, AIA is sure with American friendly nation (100 admire are amounted to) limited company is registered, asset exceeds 30 billion dollar.

"Our capital Yuan Chao crosses Hong Kong to superintend the requirement of the orgnaization. " AIA management layer complements.

"The financial standing of AIA is at present good really. Because superintend need, our inconvenience announces the financial standing that AIA is in Hong Kong, but we pay close attention the financial change of AIA, we and United States superintend the high level of orgnaization, AIG and AIA to maintain close connection, if say AIA has what risk in Hong Kong, that is AIG recombines have sell an AIA the possibility in Hong Kong business, but it is possible sex merely just. " Hong Kong protects inspect to be in assistant when Deng Lurong of safe and censorial director accepts our newspaper reporter to interview, say.
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