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Before Guo Shoubao expended income in August 225.2 billion restful eighty-eight
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Chinese birthday, China issues announcement respectively now in safety, disclosed the case of insurance cost income of before this year 8 months.

This year 1, in August, chinese birthday is 225.2 billion yuan without deliberative insurance cost income, and the corresponding period was 143.3 billion yuan last year.

Chinese restful announcement says, before this year 8 months of the company below the banner realize insurance cost income in all eighty-eight billion five hundred and eight million yuan, among them China is Inc. of insurance of restful property of restful life-insurance Inc. , China, restful income of insurance cost of primary insurance of healthy insurance Inc. and accumulative total of implementation of Inc. of restful endowment insurance is sixty-nine billion three hundred and sixty-seven million six hundred and ten thousand yuan respectively, eighteen billion five hundred and thirteen million seven hundred and fifty thousand yuan, 22.34 million yuan reach six hundred and four million seven hundred and fifty thousand yuan. Afore-mentioned income data weave according to Chinese accounting standard, and without audit.

In addition, china still was announced in safety metaphase profit distributed program 2008, every clique RMB 0.2 yuan (contain tax) . The equity day that register is on September 26, it is except breath day on October 6, bonus extends day is on October 10.

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