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Shanghai silver protects inflection point concealed to show pelter already becam
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Below the heavy fist neat of the meeting that keep watch, shanghai silver protects the market to rushed in June " peak " later, already gave a nip in the air of filar silk fully with the statistical data industry August in July.

According to the newest statistic data of consortium of Shanghai insurance a person of same business, shanghai silver keeps the market the income of total insurance cost August continues to glide, after course of company of risk of birthday of endowment of 31 China and foreign countries chases the deer-fight for the throne, only month is recorded so that 1.21 billion yuan of silver keep insurance cost in all; And before this in January, this is occupied amount to 1.38 billion yuan -- two-phase is compared, lunar annulus compares sheet to already dropped 14% .

And in July ~8 month silver keeps insurance cost while income appears to glide actually, make what the market feels confused is to be being written more in September data.

   Silver protects inflection point concealed to show

This still is not to make most apparently the data that the market surpriseds.

According to statistic of our newspaper reporter, shanghai silver protected insurance cost income to be occupied only in August 54.3% June, only 9.4% what Shanghai silver maintains insurance cost gross income first half of the year.

Have a restricted view of sth, shanghai, and even the inflection point that countrywide silver keeps the market begins concealed to show already.

The data that comes from consortium of Shanghai insurance a person of same business shows, the person with infinite first half of the year scene protects health to be in its killer mace " often do not have care " after exiting the market stage by stage, market position is successive two months glide, among them Yin Baoqu July already pelter of income of 710 million insurance cost came once upon a time 110 million, drop range is tremendous amount to 84.5% .

And to August, kang Yin of person health care makes work to stop formally in the round " often do not have care " , its silver protects income of channel insurance cost to have 25 million yuan only more, in income of insurance cost of whole intermediary channel, already became footy.

Exeunt cloudily as a result of what the person protects health, new Chinese birthday and silver of Shanghai of regain of peaceful Kang Renshou protect before two of the market. Among them the silver of two months maintains new Chinese life recently insurance cost income mixes 340 million yuan for 320 million yuan respectively, and these two data are peaceful Kang Renshou respectively 260 million yuan mix 240 million yuan. According to newest in August data, the market share that two silver maintain a tycoon to be in Shanghai is respectively 27.33% with 19.75% .

Divide a 3~5 ever since is Chinese birthday (silver protected insurance cost to be about in August 150 million, take life of 12%) , restful person about (110 million, take 8.56%) and life of Pacific Ocean person (58 million, occupy 4.75%) .
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