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Shanghai to build China Insurance Exchange
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Shanghai is clearly hoping to secure himself in the leading position in the Chinese insurance market. Recently, the Shanghai side publicly, along with Shanghai in 2020 to build an international financial center and shipping center plan, Shanghai will start the process of setting up the China Insurance Exchange.

"I feel the current insurance market, more and more narrow." Face the moment of the Shanghai insurance market, an office has been ten years in the insurance industry, insurance company executives who reluctantly admitted market.

"Shanghai-based Chinese-funded insurance companies, rafts in the name of the country will be less and less." Insiders told reporters.

Generally speaking, insurance is a measure of the economy based insurance center of a city an important indicator of the degree of its size, it directly reflects the influence of the country and the cohesion, the same time, the insurance based economy is also a city of history, status, policy conditions, service levels, radiation, economic status and social environment, the embodiment of comprehensive strength.

Mid-2009, the largest launch of the first phase of the CDI Advisory Body, "China's Financial Centres Index" shows that corporate insurance company assets in the local scale, due to the sheer size of Ping An Insurance Group, Shanghai, Shenzhen has been go-ahead.

As of the end of May 2010, the Shanghai A total of 103 insurance companies and 5 insurance asset management companies and 298 insurance professional intermediaries. Membership of the insurance companies in Shanghai are only Pacific Insurance, General Insurance and An Xinnong public sector insurance companies, a handful few.

"Shanghai-related aspects of the insurance has been inadequate attention." Relevant persons admitted in the introduction of preferential policies, Shanghai has always been known not only for the Pudong introduced the latest development of modern service industry financial support policy. "Lack of insurance, the financial center of Shanghai, can not be complete."

Preparation for the upcoming establishment of the China Insurance Exchange, "Construction of China's insurance transactions," task force leaders, Fudan University, Professor Xu Wenhu clear that the Insurance Department, China Insurance Exchange to provide a venue and facilities insurance transactions, major projects, property insurance, liability insurance, group life insurance type, insurance companies, insurance companies and reinsurance companies in the major re-insurance programs, can be traded on this platform. Insurance Exchange of the transfer function of the policy there.

In addition, the Insurance Exchange can also be related to the development in future derivatives. Such as the internationally accepted "disaster futures", "catastrophe options", "cat bonds" and other transactions, the securitization of catastrophe risk, the insurance market spread and transfer risk to the stock market.

Concern is based insurance transactions so reinsurance, and on this basis will be further introduced the insurance assets and insurance assets derived from a variety of products.

Insiders pointed out that for Shanghai to speed up the economic development of the insurance should be based efforts to develop an international financial center of Shanghai international shipping center and the center of the dual strategy of an important part. Insurance headquarter economy development of Shanghai's most obvious advantage of the market and trading. In particular, the State Council issued "The State Council on Promoting Shanghai to speed up the development of modern service industry and advanced manufacturing building an international financial center and the views of an international shipping center", the more so the economic development of Shanghai Insurance headquarters with the national strategy to promote the background.

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