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Innovation in China insurance industry has accumulated experience in large-sca
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From the Olympics to the World Expo, to the upcoming Asian Games, China's insurance industry in recent years in the insurance coverage of international events more frequent. Experts believe that the insurance industry in the global sum up major events in the risk management model is a valuable asset, is conducive to long-term health sector development. The formation of full insurance coverage "seamless safety net" The Olympic Games events represented a large scale as participants carry out many projects, the reception of high standard, long duration, also made the work of the high insurance coverage requirements. The only domestic insurance as an Olympic partner, five Chinese insurance policy designed to protect the face covers approximately 15 million related to staff, nearly 8,000 vehicles and Beijing and all Olympic venues outside Beijing, the insurance amount of 46.7 billion. Shanghai World Expo is to create large-scale activities of our government to implement a precedent for compulsory insurance, legal insurance, provides insurance and commercial insurance are complementary operations of the World Expo of risk protection scheme to form a seamless "safety net." Insurance as the World Expo World Expo global partner and three co-insurance provisions of the insurance body chief insurer, PICC available for the vast majority of the Expo site provides a comprehensive insurance subject to adequate insurance coverage, including insurance, the amount of 10 billion comprehensive liability insurance the amount of insurance over 24 billion yuan in the construction and installation, insurance, for all types of exhibition hall, supporting projects to provide property insurance, as well as the value of billions of exhibits and works of art to provide insurance protection. Coupled with security and vehicle security personnel, so that "full coverage." For the upcoming opening of the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese insurance tailored for "the whole process, comprehensive, full coverage, all-weather" insurance program, in the Asian Games and the Asian Paralympic Games held in the process of organizing and providing total The amount of insurance coverage of up to 174.6 billion yuan. "The Chinese Olympic security will be fully sum up the experience, to 'learn from the Olympic Games, surpassing the Olympic Games' as the guiding ideology, to ensure foolproof Asian insurance services." PICC official said. Integration and Innovation to create "Chinese characteristics edition of" insurance program Large-scale activities of insurance has its particularity, the existing mechanism for insurance companies, products, technology, equipment and other needs are often unable to meet its normal, to do insurance work, must be integrated innovation. In the design process of underwriting the Olympic Games, the Chinese Olympic security risk management lessons of previous experience, highlighting Chinese characteristics, to determine the current claims system different from the operation of the Olympic Games claims process; the implementation of the Olympic service flat, closed-end management model; separate Design of the Olympic Games claims documents; built with Chinese characteristics, the Olympic medical and personal security system, and so on. In contrast, the work of the Shanghai World Expo of insurance more difficult to upgrade. PICC president Wang Yincheng, said in an interview, compared with the Olympics, World Expo longer and heavier tasks, risk characteristics of complex, more innovation, showing a typical "side operations side edge identify problems and rectification perfect "features. To this end, the People's Insurance Insurance Expo team to build the Expo with Chinese characteristics, insurance services model, there is no lack of innovation in the details at: Provision for claims to establish systems and mechanisms of designated hospitals for rapid Peifu; for the operation of multiple cases of multi-prone areas to carry out times the risk or risk investigation and inspection activities, and so on. Insurance coverage in the Asian Games, the Chinese People's Insurance introduced a project management system, the use of "sub-roles, sub-lens" script management, clear tasks, relationships and time, this is the first time in such a large-scale comprehensive sports event risk management methods used in project management. In addition, when the PICC service is running in the race with the Asian Games Organizing Committee to establish joint command center during the Games and simultaneously through the mobile network technology advances to understand the accident scene, to achieve rapid processing of cases during the Games. Accumulated experience in risk management services to enhance the industry "Underwriting is not the ultimate goal." PICC Group President Wu Yan believes that a comprehensive insurance coverage through the organization of the program, providing quality and efficient insurance services, in ensuring operational safety, while large-scale events, to show the world the image of China's insurance industry, improve the service capacity of China's insurance industry, is more important. Wang Yincheng said insurance mode Expo existing advantages in strengthening the company at the same time, greatly enhance the overall level of service. Such large-scale activities on the service capacity of China's insurance industry is a high standard of inspection, but also enhance the overall service level of the industry a good opportunity. Can be said that the Olympic Games, World Expo, Asian Games, the value inherent in large-scale activities, in order to enlarge and strengthen China's insurance industry to further develop the functions of the insurance industry provides a rare opportunity. The use of such platform deep in many fields of insurance products and cooperation, not only to accelerate the expansion of the insurance industry services and development of space, but also help enhance the overall strength of China's insurance industry. Large-scale activities for the international insurance services, China's insurance industry to grow in the exploration, first-hand grasp the risk of large-scale exhibition features information on activities, the accumulation of risk data and the corresponding risk management experience, explore the establishment of an efficient service system, forming a more systematic process of service delivery ... ... these are unique to the wealth of China's insurance industry is conducive to long-term health sector development.
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