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Social Security Advisory Service Changchun hotline launched
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So what's the problem call the Social Security Advisory 86012333 3 business consultation, information search methods allow 3 clients to choose NEEDHAM, Massachusetts (Xinhua fir) Recently, a reporter from the Social Insurance Bureau of Changchun City, learned to give the insured to provide more comprehensive and efficient service means the public service system of social insurance has recently opened a Social Insurance Advisory Service Hotline 86012333 , bringing the Changchun City Public Service Social Security system provides three kinds of business consultation, three kinds of information (payment, treatment, personal accounts) query methods allow clients to choose. Business, policy advisory services 1. Hotline: 86012333 Social Security Advisory Service Hotline total of 5 man-seat, which can answer the response. To give clients the most efficient service, the hotline provides automated voice advisory and consulting are two ways artificial, for the unit of insurance, personal insurance, social insurance transfers, apply for unemployment benefits and other information for the automatic voice query entry, clients can choose voice prompts automatic voice service and converting manual consulting services. 2. Face to face contact: Changchun City Hall in the service of IESS (Min Kang Road, No. 1012), 2nd Floor, opened up a consulting service specializing in the individual branches (Yatai Street, 3336) is also a specialized consultation services can be provided to the staff face to face counseling. 3. Network Consulting: Service object can log in Changchun, social safety nets "interaction" column of the network online consultation. Information services 1. Telephone: clients can call the Social Security speech Enquiries 16,866,666, in accordance with the voice prompts to access a variety of information. The major insurance providers voice query payment information, insurance insured personal pension and unemployment insurance contributions and treatment information, the land of farmers and other relevant information. 2. Screen Query: Changchun City Social Insurance Board in handling the various business lobby to set a number of electronic touch screens, can serve to provide policies and regulations, unit insurance payment information, insurance information on individual contributions and benefits inquiries. 3. Network query: Service object can log in Changchun social safety nets, Changchun social service network, enter the ID number (or Social Security personal number) and password to query the insured pay, benefits, personal accounts and other basic information. In addition, the staff, according to IESS, 86012333, windows consultation during normal working hours to provide advisory services; network consulting and information inquiries and 16,866,666 voice call can provide 24-hour service; Screen Query is convenient to the business managers in the business hall of the staff During the timely access to relevant information, clients can choose appropriate consultation, query.
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