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Mizhi County, urban and rural residents held launching ceremony of social pens
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December 15, Mizhi County Community Board held high drainage of urban and rural residents in rural von Qucun social pension insurance starting ceremony. City Deputy Secretary for Human Resources and Social Baiying Zhou, Gao Jianguo, deputy director of the NPC, CPPCC Vice Chairman Wu Chang-ching and other county leaders, and von Qucun responsible person more than 60 farmers participated in the launching ceremony. More than 60 villagers to the scene received a 320 yuan per person (4 months) issued by the Bureau of Mizhi County community the first social pension insurance. It is reported that urban and rural residents Mizhi County social pension insurance work to the individual contributions and collective benefits, a combination of government subsidy financing to enable urban and rural residents over 60 years of age can receive the pension. Up to now, Mizhi County Comprehensive insurance up rate of 57%, has exceeded Municipal Human Resources and Social Council the task assigned by the insured. Urban and rural residents of the insured pension insurance registration has been completed, the insured 8.2 million people were registered, of which 5.8 million people who pay, benefits officers receive 2.4 million, 5.8 million yuan is expected to collect old-age insurance. This year, the subsidy is expected to be 9.612 million yuan municipal finance, the county treasury to be 1.068 million yuan subsidy. Bai Yingzhou Mizhi County urban and rural residents on the social pension insurance that fully affirmed the work. He said Mizhi of this work is the completion of six counties in the south of the most outstanding, the county, the Government's support is greatest. Basic pension insurance system of urban and rural residents of the State Council decided to implement a major social security policy, it will change our country for thousands of years to rely on old-age children, land retirement pension and other traditional modes, which reduce the gap between urban and rural areas, improve living standards of urban and rural residents, maintenance social stability, and so has a very important practical significance and far-reaching historical significance. Mizhi of the workers want to continue to count off a good year to make next year's budget, and in television, radio, news media widely publicized, so that the farmer-friendly policy to make every party, enjoys popular support, for the sustainable development of this work to create a good atmosphere for public opinion.
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